5 Ways To Use Technology To Bring More Inclusivity In Workplace

5 Ways To Use Technology To Bring More Inclusivity In Workplace

Now there are around four million Australians suffering from old age and disability and that creates a lot of difficulties in their day-to-day life. In many areas, these people do not have access to their required services. Also, they do not have the means to compare different services to choose the best one to serve their interests. However, an inclusive culture can make a significant difference in their life.

Technology can enable a disabled woman to arrive at her workplace on time using a wheelchair. The same is about a man with missing eyes and arms. When everyone is expected to do similar jobs regardless of the disability, accessibility should be an integral part of their life. All the employers should come forward to creating a more inclusive workplace to allow their employees to work with better convenience.

The underrepresented groups and diverse workforce will not be able to get the expected benefits unless inclusion issues are addressed. A perfect workplace is the one that offers a welcoming culture and provides all the technologies to enable its workforce to work with their full potential without any barrier.

Unfortunately, this culture is still absent in the Australian workplace. Barriers exist during the recruitment process. The lack of awareness creates many difficulties for a disable to get a suitable job.

Disable unemployment is double in Australia than the ones without a disability. Even the graduates with disability wait a long to get full-time employment. Instead of performance reviews, they focus more on the physical ability to hire their workforce. Diversity and inclusion, both these subjects need to be addressed quickly to help people with the disability to live with respect and dignity.

In this technology-driven world, employers can use developed technologies to make their workplace more inclusive. They need to be more active to make the most needed changes to promote accessibility by using technology. Here are five ways to use technologies to bring more inclusivity to the workplace.

1.  Focus on AI

AI assistants have become part of many businesses. They can do almost everything ranging from transport booking to arranging meetings. You can also use them to assist your staff to get information about the meeting and to offer impartial conversion documentation that will ultimately reduce unconscious bias. Al can help your employees in many ways to perform their job in a way with more informed and unbiased information.

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2.  Use Cloud PBX Tech

These types of software can be very effective for communication. They can be directly integrated into the devices to bring more flexibility in communication. They can do a lot of things such as taking messages, routing calls automatically and converting calls to the text. This technology can ensure better communication.

3.  Software that Supports Movement Disability

Employers should give the same responsibility, trust, and accountability to the employees with a disability like the rest of the staff. That will help to build confidence and to work at the same level. Many technologies such as voice recognition and mobility tools are designed to help employees with a disability to use a computer through the vision only.

4.  Alternative Access to Meet Daily Commitments

It comes along with the lines of ergonomic tech that is specifically designed for some restrictions and adds many things including joysticks that can be integrated into wheelchairs to allow the user to get control of some devices by replacing the mouse that will reduce stain of his/ her neck.

5.  Upgrade ICT

If you are not using your mobile device to bring more inclusivity, you can start using now. These devices come with a wide range of functionalities to boost inclusivity. By assisting in the set-up of its in-built functions such as the touch and gesture inputs, screen magnification, and color contrasts, you will be able to perform your job more efficiently. You have all these features in your device.

These new forms of modern technologies are specifically designed for people with disability to enable them to access a lot of facilities. An added benefit of an inclusive workplace is that it will boost the lives of your employees and will inspire them to do their best for the growth and success of the organization.

Every employer should take the responsibility to create a healthy and respectable environment for each employee of his organization. Everyone deserves to fulfill his desires and ambition. Now technologies are there to offer a helping hand to help them to reach their destination. So, it is up to the employers to offer access to all these technologies to create an inclusive workplace. You can also write to them to motivate and to build and develop their confidence. If you are looking for some writing help, contact RapidEssay professional essay writing service. Their qualified and professional writers can offer high-quality writing to meet all your writing needs.

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