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7 Best Gadgets for People Working on the Go

At least 5.3 percent of the American workforce telecommutes. The arrangement shows an upward trend from the previous years as more people yearn for flexibility and skip the daily commute that can be hellish in big cities. Remote work offers less distraction and more time to be productive.

Any seasoned telecommuter knows that work can be anywhere: a coworking space, a coffee shop, or a cozy hut in a secluded beach, perhaps. If you are one who works on the go, you better have a plethora of gadgets to help you do your job.

What’s inside your work backpack? Here are items that don’t take up much space but make a difference in your day-to-day workflow.

Mobile Hotspot

Connecting to a public Wi-Fi is hardly ideal; you are unduly exposing your data to malicious people. For your peace of mind and as a backup connection, take your mobile hotspot with you. It is sometimes faster than your internet at home with 5G coming soon and LTE. It also allows more Wi-Fi devices hookups than your phone’s hotspot does, which quickly drains the phone battery.

To avoid expensive data fees when abroad, rent a hotspot or buy a local SIM card for your phone.

Portable Laptop Charger

This gadget can save your laptop before it conks out and leaves your business unfinished. It’s handy when working in places where power sockets are few and far between. Aside from powering the laptop, the gadget can fast-charge mobile phones and other compatible devices.

Portable chargers typically have massive battery capacity and expensive, too. You also have to check the compatibility with your laptop computer; some of these portable chargers are not allowed on airplanes.

Fitness Tracker

Wear this one in pursuit of life-work balance. Many fitness trackers have entered the market with numerous features, such as monitoring your activity, heart rate, and quality of sleep. They still count your steps, making good with your promise to yourself to walk X minutes every day.

Exercise can positively impact your productivity by boosting alertness and improving your mood.

gadget, best gadgets

Portable Hard Drive

It’s all in the cloud-file storage drive that you can access through your devices. However, physical hard drives remain top devices to store files.

For backup, use one with four terabytes as storage capacity. There’s no question that portability is a priority, the hard drive being preferably smaller and lighter. If you are curious whether the data you stored on the disk will add to its weight, check this answer.

Memory sticks can also work fine; remember to store them securely inside your bag.

No-Distraction Headphones

Known popularly as noise-canceling headphones, this pair drowns out the chatter in the coworking space and replaces it with the bars from your favorite sounds. As the headphones reduce ambient noise by more than 70 percent, per Entrepreneur, you can focus more on your game plan for the day.

There’s actually one brand that promises to improve concentration. Nonetheless, noise-canceling headphones can be sound investments.

Travel Pillow

There’s more to the usual travel pillow with a contoured back (thus the neck pillow). The latest travel pillows are cozier, softer, and more adjustable so that you can use over-the-ear headphones with them. Some are also inflatable and, thus, easy to pack but are not as comfortable.

If you don’t want a travel-looking pillow, there’s one shaped like an aubergine.

Docking Station

How do you like your USB hubs? Get your laptops docking stations that match your port, performance, and power needs. Some offer as many as 10 to 14 USB ports; others are a mix of USB-C and USB-A ports. Specific hubs enable data transfer and charging both at a faster rate recommended for power users.

Because each docking station is different, check out the peripherals and USB technologies that it supports to maximize usage. You can surely find the hub that enables you to connect an external monitor, camera, memory card, and more to your computer.

As more individuals and companies adopt remote work, you are likely to see more products that cater to the demographics of digital nomads. These gadgets help you or any remote worker achieve productivity and efficiency wherever work and life take you.

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