Academic Writing Tips for Students

Top 10 Academic Writing Tips for Students from High Schools

High school students face a lot of impediments and most of them are related to their writing skills. Many folks have poor writing skills or cannot control their time efficiently.  This creates multiple complications and negatively reflects on their scores. Therefore, students should improve their skills.

Some clever students use professional help online provided by essay writing services which can easily overcome any writing complication and write high-quality customized papers.

Using its fast and dependable assistance, high schoolers receive only the highest grades. This is one of the possible ways to improve your writing skills and enhance the academic score. This informative article provided by Lauren Bradshaw, a freelance academic writer from, will highlight the top 10 academic writing tips every high schooler should use.

Consult Your Teachers

Your first aim is to talk to your teachers and academic counselor. They will give you important recommendations on how to learn efficiently. Many pupils suffer and waste a lot of time choosing the wrong subjects. Your teachers know your talents and will recommend the most suitable courses so that you didn’t spend time on fruitless activities.

Take Practice in Tests

It’s vital to regularly pass the samples of your future tests. You’ll have to pass various exams. Each contains the writing section and it’s useful to practice it. Many exams are in open access on the Internet. You’re free to pass them to understand what to expect in the nearest future.

Be Organized and Disciplined

If you lack the time, you should optimize your routine. Obligatorily create schedules for short and long-term perspectives. Take into account all your tasks and daily routine duties. Set priorities and strict deadlines. Make sure you have time to handle all your academic tasks and can practice writing.

Read and Write a Lot

Undoubtedly, you should regularly practice reading and writing skills. Reading comprehension is important to understand what materials suit your projects, as well as to understand the requirements of your projects. Read specified and fiction literature to enrich your experience. Write every day and try different writing techniques to define which ones suit your writing style.

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Be a Realist

It is vital to set clear and manageable objectives. Oftentimes, students mistakenly believe that they’ll handle a lot of things. When they fail, it induces much stress and discourages them. Therefore, remain a realist to avoid potential harm and never exhaust yourself.

Use Professional Paper Writing Service

Sometimes the tasks are too difficult or there are too many of them. This may be the high time to use professional online help. Certified academic writers know how to write excellent papers on any discipline and topic. You can learn a lot from reading their samples and the orders written for you. Besides, many online services offer online consultations. Accordingly, you can receive useful recommendations at any suitable time.

Participate in Everything You Can

It’s essential to be an active learner. Participate in class discussions, go on excursions, take part in workshops, etc. These activities will provide you with the necessary experience, which will help to enhance your learning abilities, including writing.

Use Technology

You should make use of technology. There are multiple useful learning tools, which help students to solve various issues and improve their skills. We’ll briefly describe the most efficient representatives of each category of learning tools.

TypeOur RecommendationMain Features
Grammar CheckerGrammarlyThis smart app checks grammar, word choice, spelling, and punctuation in several seconds. It also provides the right variants of your mistakes. It can be used for free and inbuilt in Microsoft Word and your browser.
Topic GeneratorHubSpotIt’s a simple generator of topic ideas. You only should specify several words and it’ll provide you with multiple relevant options to cover. It’s free of charge.
Plagiarism CheckerWhitesmokeThis smart tool quickly surfs the Internet and compares your text to other works. It also has a special proofreading function. However, you may consider other plagiarism checkers, which also combine plagiarism checkups and proofreading functions.
Citation AssistantSon of Citation MachineIt helps to create correct citations according to the 13 most popular citation styles. It’s a chargeless online tool, which searches by the title and author’s name. You should just specify the required date for any citation. It also checks grammar errors.

If it doesn’t suit your demands, you have a rich choice of other useful online citation tools.

OrganizerEvernoteUsing this app, you can organize your daily and weekly routine. It helps to take instant notes, set reminders, add descriptions to your tasks, share information, scan texts, etc.

Minimize Distractions

Many students fail to write great papers because they waste precious time on things, which aren’t related to their studies. These are playing video games, watching movies, surfing social media, etc. You may undertake these activities only if you successfully complete your tasks and regularly improve your writing skills.

Keep Your Stress at Bay

It’s of huge importance to manage your stress and reduce it in any possible way. Otherwise, it interferes with a normal way of learning. Here are some quick tips on how to cope when you feel too stressed to study:

  • Think positively;
  • Manage time effectively;
  • Practice the mediation or yoga;
  • Keep a diary;
  • Develop a healthy lifestyle;
  • Make frequent breaks.

These 10 academic tips are universal. Regardless of your current writing comprehension, they will surely help to improve your skills. Thus, you won’t experience great difficulties when you write your papers.

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