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Advantages Of Using Honor 8A Smartphone

Honor 8A smartphone which was released by Huawei in January 2019 is equipped with many outstanding features and has many advantages. It is a new and better version of Honor 7A smartphone and offers the features of 3GB RAM, 32GB and 64GB internal storage, 6.1 inches display, effective processor, Dual SIM Slot, powerful speakers, glossy body, high-quality camera and a lot more in very affordable price. Besides being glossy it’s not slippery and fixes easily in the hand. It is light-weighed and easy to handle. Its unique characteristics are grabbing the attention of people.

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In this article, you’ll find information about the advantages of using the Honor 8A smartphone.


Following are the advantages of using Honor 8A smartphone:-


The initial thing one notices when grabbing a phone is its casing. The foremost essential characteristic of Honor 8A smartphone is its modern dual-textured casing which makes it impressive and superior to its more costly competitors. You’ll find the casing in four different colors.

It also features the power button, the volume rocker, a micro USB port at the bottom, powerful speakers as well as a 3.5-mm headphone jack at the top. On the left side, it contains the SIM card tray for dual SIM cards in combination with a microSD card.  At the front of the phone, you’ll see a big display with very slender bezels for an external device and a waterdrop mark. It also contains its attractive logo at the bottom.  It is nicely compact and light-weighed.


The internal storage of Honor 8A smartphone has almost doubled as compared to previous models. It can also be extended with the help of microSD cards. You can even increase it up to 512GB by the use of 8A support cards. This feature is of great importance for those facing connectivity issues.


With the help of Android 9.0 Pie and EMUI 9.0, the smartphone features the latest version of Google’s Operating System. Besides Huawei’s applications, for instance, Huwaei App Gallery, you’ll also see different third-party applications, for example, Booking.com and Amazon which are preloaded on the phone.

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The main back camera contains a 13MP sensor including a light-sensitive opening of f/1.8 for better dense-light photo quality. The secondary front/selfie camera is arrayed with an 8MP sensor. The light-sensitive feature of the main back camera makes it superior to Y6 smartphone (a direct competitor of 8A). However, the resolution of the camera is just restricted to 1080p. The front camera features an opening of f/2.0. At closer range, it provides a fair focus.


Similar to the default vanilla Android telephony application of Google, the stock telephony app of Honor 8A smartphone is of great quality and provides its users with a good calling experience without any problems. You’ll face no problems in understanding other person’s words and the call quality is also fair and decent.


Similar to previous models, Honor 8A smartphone supports LTE Cat 4 which is fine enough for an external device. Moreover, it supports Wi-fi only in the 2.4 GHz band. Concerning Wi-fi and downloading speed, Honor 8A is slightly slower than Huawei Y6 2019 but is still much faster than other smartphones.


In short, the Huawei Honor 8A smartphone is a better version of its predecessors. Concerning its price, it is offering outstanding features. It holds an important place in the world of advanced technologies and an era of smartphones. Its stylish design, camera quality, powerful speakers, sufficient storage, the attractive display makes it stand out among others. These features are the major reason for its increasing popularity among the people.

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