Repair Kit

Basic Repair Kit for Bikers

Repair on the road is something that happens with every biker. And you have to be prepared for any unpredictable situations that may occur. With, you will know how to react and always stay calm. A broken chain or flat tire must not stop you on your way or spoil all the fun.

The Use of Bike Repair Kit

You may not need a repair kit for years. But when you are in a hurry somewhere or riding across some deserted road, the bike may require your help. The well-thought collection of tools in your repair kit will help you:

  • To repair anything that is broken;
  • To improve anything that needs to be improved;
  • To guarantee the comfort of your ride;
  • To keep the motorcycle on the run.

It is up to you which tools to include and which to leave in your garage. Yet, there are basic instruments you may use no matter the road difficulty, the model of your bike, or your own skills in mechanics. Start with collecting a few simple tools in your kit, and with the years, you will gather all you may need there, learning the needs of your bike.

Essentials in Your Kit

Here is a brief list of the tools you may require more than anything else. It does not matter if the road is difficult or easy to ride. Don’t forget to take them with you.

Spare tube and patch kit

A flat tire is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about unplanned repairs on the road. The spare tube is a must in this case. At the same time, if there is a small puncture, you can use the patch kit without replacing the whole tube.

Tire levers

You need this to fix the flat tire as well. Keep several tire levers in your kit to pry off the rim of the wheel. You will require them even more for the road tire as they fit tightly on the rim.


Before you fix the flat tire with the patch kit, you need to inflate it. The pump may be small and does not require too much empty space on your bike. It can easily fit in your backpack.


This is definitely a must-have for any biker of any experience. Multi-tool is small and lightweight. You can put it in your pocket or bag. It may be helpful in numerous life circumstances. It performs multiple repairs. Make sure that your multi-tool contains:

  1. Allen wrenches;
  2. Chain tool;
  3. Adjustable wrench or hex wrench;
  4. Flathead screwdriver;
  5. Philips screwdriver.

Put all your instruments in the bag, so you don’t have to search them for hours. You may also use rack trunks or frame bags. Make sure that the fabric is waterproof.

Helpful Supplies for Your Smooth Ride

All the tools recommended above are the necessities in your “emergency kit” for the bike. You will add more instruments with time, depending on the roads, their length, complexity, and your experience on the road. The best way to keep them all is in the specific bag for the instruments. If you have more tools to recommend for the repair kit, share your thoughts in the comments. Which tools do you use more often? Where do you keep them?

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