10 best apps that book lovers should know

10 best apps that book lovers should know

here are apps for games, apps for brains, apps for exercises and apps to get prizes. Then why not some apps for book readers who love to lose themselves into sheaves of paper. But what will a book reading app do you wonder? Well, for all those who love books don’t you want to know what is new in the genre you like? To know which books are available from your favorite artist, to keep a count of the books you have read and the ones you have to read?

These would probably be the basic needs of any reader. Well mobile apps, not only satiate these needs through their app but also give you much more. For example, don’t you wish you could read a little of that book you have kept on the shelf every day. Open to the bookmark and turn the page to know what is next. Just one more page. But fear being caught by your senior at work. Relax and sit back as these apps give your staple reading fodder in small bits. Allowing you the break from work while keeping you hooked on to the book so that you don’t lose the interest.

Well, those in the book reading industry have already thought of your needs and more dishing out ample apps according to your genre, price, sharing features and much more. The Kindle app has rather a great following thanks to its marketing. But rest assured the apps below are more than your perfect user-friendly book mate.


Did you like a book and always wondered if you ever get a chance to meet the author? Well here is that opportunity. From your favorite books to your favorite writers Wattpad allows you to connect with the author. You can interact and discuss with other book readers too. And it does not stop there. There are writing contests that take you to the app’s selected stories. A complete delight for any book lover.

Similarly, if you are someone who takes interest in writing, alongside reading books, you can use writing services that help in improving your writings. One such service is the EssaysMatch that allows you to solve your writing errors and issues when you lack the time and money. It is a fast and efficient website for those seeking high-quality write-ups.

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The mortar and stone libraries do exist, but if you do not have time to go to them, all you need to do is install Overdrive. This app has transferred all the offline content to online. It is a perfect app for a book that had been published in yesteryears. It has the features of your local library offers, just that you can sit on your couch or lay across your bed without spending a dime on travel.


This is the mother of all book apps. It helps you discover the latest in books. The best part is this app has communities you can join. Various types of the bookworms from around the world are crawled into their member list. The more you explore this app the more you will like it as it gives you book recommendation based on your choices. Helps you keep a record of your read works and more.


Don’t go by its limited books displayed for you. If you are a fiction fanatic you would not want to leave this app. Download then sink into a great reading experience.
Marvin 3
Sometimes we love to be stubborn, trying to download software’s that could convert a book available in a vague format. In that case download Marvin 3, whatever the format, it can convert it all to give you a super book reading feeling.

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Are you one of those who seriously want to improve your reading skills? Like Bill Gates who reads a book a week? Then this app is for you. It will tell you the amount of time you took to read a page, the number of words, etc. Giving you an analysis of your reading habit.

Serial Reader

Love for classic literature? But no time as it gets lengthy in meaning? Then this app is for you bibliophiles. The app breaks down reading into 20 minutes of daily reading. This way you can bite into it while anywhere getting your daily dose.


Reading a book alone is fun. But once you are done showing it off to friends and family is even enjoyable. So here is an app for those who love social media. You can take photos with your favorite books, upload them, share reviews and be a part of the social marketing revolution.

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Spaced out, relevant information, one book at a time. This app allows you to get recommendations from known sources so that you know you can trust the information on board.
Always in a hurry? No time to read. Then this app will give you a synopsis of the book in fifteen minutes flat. And if you don’t want to read the book then here’s a treat, you can listen to the book too. Read or listen to both options are available. Revel in your reading! Enjoy.


While you are always running around the clock and ensuring that the sand in your hourglass doesn’t come to a standstill, these apps are heroes in disguise that offer you the most in the least amount of time and money. And the least you can do to keep the book lover in you happy is get the most out of these tools and applications by using it to the fullest.

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