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Best Free Data Recovery Software To Recover Deleted Files

All of us have at least once in life accidentally deleted a file that was of great importance. It could be a photo, songs, or your school project. And if you didn’t recover it, you would have had it!

But what if you are told that you could recover the deleted files even if they are gone from your Recycle Bin. Check out the following three simple methods to recover your lost files and undo the blunder.

Ways to Recover Data

When you lose your data, there are three ways to recover them. The first two methods are quite easy and the users are familiar with them.

The first method is going to the Recycle Bin and restoring the data. If you see your deleted file in the Recycle Bin, select it and Right click it. Once you right click it, an option of restore is displayed. Click on restore and you get your file back.

The second method is restoring your windows to a previously restored time. This helps in getting all the deleted data back safely.

Method of restoring the windows

 Before we discuss the steps of using this method to restore your files, you should know that windows set up restores points on a periodic basis for the current operating system.

You must also know the location of the deleted file. Also, you must not use this method in case of a drive or partition format.

Data Recovery Software

Restoring the windows is a simple process:

  • Go to “Start” and click on “Computer”
  • Go to the storage location where the deleted file was stored
  • Right Click and the click “Properties”
  • A new window opens up wherein you have to select “Previous Versions” Tab
  • In this tab, you will get all the previously deleted files with their time details
  • Choose the version of the file which you would like and click “Restore”
  • Your file will be restored
Using Best Data Recovery Software

Using Data Recovery Software

This is our last, but the best method. free data recovery software is being widely used by people to recover the deleted or lost files. Retrieving the deleted files via a recovery software is a very simple process.

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But before we do that, you will have to prepare a list of a few things. Firstly, choose a particular software for downloading and installing it on your desktop. There are a few Data recovery software that will cost you anything.

Steps to follow for Data Recovery Software:

Now let’s discuss the actual recovery procedure

  • Launch the recovery software and select the storage location of your deleted files and click ‘Scan’
  • The very first thing is to launch your recovery software on your desktop and select the storage location of the files where they were stored before you deleted them.
  • The data recovery software will scan the storage location and search for deleted files on the disk
  • You can choose the recoverable files and click “Recover”
  • You can select a destination folder to save the recovered files and you are done

Final Thoughts

Data recovery is a very simple and free process, that can be done easily in no time. So, don’t get duped by people that befool you by asking money.

You don’t need any professional to fix this up for you. You just need software in your desktop and you can get back all the files.

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