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What is the best free parental control app for Android?

 In business, they say’ the world is a global village’ meaning we are all connected. This connection is borne out of technology. The whole world is now connected through the internet. You can trade, communicate, attend school in a country that isn’t on the same continent as your home country. The possibilities are endless. This also applies to what we can watch online. It is now global. You can from the comfort of your living room in New York, watch live situations unfolding in the Middle East or in Africa.

This endless possibility has its advantages and disadvantages. One way the disadvantages are seen is through the impact inappropriate content can have on our kids. This generation of kids is more technologically inclined. From very tender ages, as young as two years old, they are glued to their tablet screens or even mobile phone belonging to their parents. Most kids currently average about six hours watching videos on their mobile devices. This time spent online can be great from them when what they are exposed to is the right content. It could be damaging if they watch what is not suitable for them.

The question then is, how do you as a parent protect them from watching things that are not suitable for them? You can do this through the use of a parental control app. The beauty of these apps is that most of them are free. As a responsible parent, you must ensure you have one of these apps to monitor, restrict access, to whatever your kids are viewing online. Monitoring their digital footprint is a must for every parent because the amount of unsuitable content easily available online currently is staggering. Your kids have to be protected.

A parental control app refers to an application that can be installed on your kid’s mobile device. The job of this app is to grant you as a parent to have remote access to whatever your kid is up to online. The extent of your remote access and what you can achieve with it will depend on the app you use. You will have the ability to block certain features on your child’s device, you can monitor the websites they visit, view their browser history or even grant you access to their download history. This way you can control which sites they have access to. Some apps will also give you the opportunity to set timers on the usage of an app. This is a favorite for parents. Setting timers on apps which your child can use ensures they have a set time which they can be online. These parental control apps can also show you how your child is using an app, provide you with the real-time GPS location of your child’s mobile device. This function here is a must for every parent. Using kidlogger review, you will find some apps will provide geo-fencing, which will alert a parent whenever their child enters some marked places which you have set up through the app.

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With that been said, there are a number of free parental control apps that are great for Android devices but the best free parental control app currently available will be FamiSafe. This parental control app is new on the scene, but no doubt has a lot to offer. The features which FamiSafe brings to the table are broad plus you can start with a trial version. This app brings you features like Activity report, Explicit content detection, Real-time location, Screen time, Smart Schedule, Suspicious photos, Geofences, Location history, Web filter, App usage, and blocker and Browser history. If this parental control app doesn’t have you grinning from ear to ear I don’t know what will. With FamiSafe, using the explicit content detection feature, you can add suspicious keywords, so if these words appear on any content, it is blocked from reaching your child. Use the free trial on offer before you decide.

Spyzie is another great parental control app. This is one of the most popular parental control apps which any parent can use. It is easy to use in addition to been easy to set up. It comes with a wide range of great features from monitoring to access to a complete report system. You can easily track your child’s calls and SMS messages received. You can activate a screen time timer to restrict and monitor screen time usage. Whenever footprint they leave on social media can be accessed by you, there is a panic button that enables you to track your child real-time on the app and all inappropriate online content can be blocked by you. Spyzie parental control app is a popular choice for most parents.

Another great parental control app for Android is mSpy. mSpy calls itself ‘the ultimate parental control app’. It is easy to use and also simple to install. You would have access to viewing all SMS instantly, also seeing all calls and contacts on your child’s mobile device. mSpy also offers to monitor of saved media like music, videos, and photos in addition to geofencing features and GPS location tracking.

Other great parental control apps which parents use are Kaspersky Safe Kids, Net Nanny, Norton Family Parental Control, ScreenLimit, Screen Time Limit KidCrono, ESET Parental Control Android, Family Time. These apps are compatible with Android and most of them are free. They offer a wide range of monitoring features which are a must for every parent. These parental control apps are readily available for downloads.

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The world is right there at the fingertips of every child with the aid of their mobile devices connected online. There is, therefore, the need to make sure they are protected from contents that cannot aid their overall well-being. Some contents are not suitable for kids and there is a need to protect them from it. This protection can come in the form of parental control apps that are easily available. Go through the range of choices and pick that which suits your needs.

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