Best Masks for Corona Virus in India 2020

Every human being is afraid of getting infected with the newly discovered pandemic I.e. Corona Virus or Covid-19. It’s a new virus-formed disease which was first found in the Wuhan City of China in the last 2019. The virus has spread across the globe in over 140 different countries. European countries are considered as the most effective countries due to the Corona Virus outbreak.

As of now, over 4 lakhs of the world’s people have been infected with Corona Virus. It has shaken up the economy of the entire globe as many countries across the globe are not completely locked down. Businesses, enterprises, organizations, teaching institutions, and everything is completely shut down by the respective governments.

In such a crucial time, the only duty of us human beings is to keep ourselves safe from this pandemic. To keep ourselves safe from this deadliest virus, there are some precautions that we can take. The first and foremost thing we need to do is understand the safety instructions released by WHO.

Corona Virus spreads through human beings. The virus comes out as droplets when an infected person sneezes or coughs. The droplet attaches to different surfaces and this is how it infects others.

You may have noticed or seen in news channels or outside that many people are roaming around wearing masks. Yes, the mask is an essential thing to keep yourself safe from getting infected. There are different types of masks that you can buy from the market as per your needs. You can explore the range of different types of masks to safeguard you and your family members.

Many people get confused when it comes to buying a new mask as there don’t have enough information about the benefits of it and how they can protect them from getting infected.As per the advisory of WHO, a person who is healthy should not wear a mask. Yes, if you are a healthy person then you should avoid wearing it. You should wear a mask only if you are sick or having a cough or taking care of an infected person.Still, it is important for you to keep yourself safe when you go out in the market. Chances of getting infected are high when you roam around and for that reason, you should buy a reliable mask so that you can roam freely.We have to accept the fact that Face Masks provide limited protections only. If you buy a cheap quality mask, then you have to replace the mask every 5 to 6 hours. If you go with the expensive one, you can wash it with detergent to reuse it.

Types of Masks

1. Surgical Masks

surgical mask
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Surgical Masks are the masks used by surgeons during different types of surgeries. Basically, Surgical Masks are disposable masks and can be bought easily from pharmacies near you. They are easily available and non-expensive.

Surgical masks protect surgeons from infectious agents produced from human organs during the surgery. It prevents droplets from getting inside through mouth, nose eyes, etc.

The same masks should wear by the patients to prevent contaminating others. The lifespan of the surgical masks is up to 8 hours. You have to change it every 5 to 8 hours as the capacity of the material to prevent infectious agents from entering into it is limited.

Surgical masks are made from ordinary materials and they cannot protect you against airborne infections. You have to go with the advanced type I.e. Respiratory Masks.

2. Respiratory Masks

Respirator Mask

If you are working in a polluted environment with dust, dirt and different types of chemical agents, then we would suggest you go with the respiratory mask. This type of mask prevents wearers from inhaling dust, dirt and airborne particles or infectious agents.

It is highly effective against pandemics such as H1N1, SARS and newly born Coronavirus.

Respiratory Masks can be categorized into two different categories, I.e. filtering and insulating. Filtering respirator is cheap and designed to wear under normal conditions. It is designed with a facepiece and a filtering device only. The insulating masks use multiple filters to protect users from deadly viruses and airborne pollutants.

Best Safety Masks for Corona Virus in India

1. Nasomask N95 Anti-Pollution Mask

Nasomask is a trusted name in the industry. The company is known for providing high-quality masks for different industries and professions. If you are searching for an N95 mask to safeguard yourself from Coronavirus spread, then Nasomask’ N95 Anti-pollution mask is the best option for you.This anti-pollution mask is a professional-grade mask from Nasomask. It protects you against infectious agents from air. It provides 99% protections against particles from PM 2.5 to PM 10. All types of dust and allergens can be filtered out through this mask easily.The cup-shaped design makes it more comfortable for everyone. It carries a universal design that means it can wear by anyone irrespective of genre. It is made from high-grade cotton materials. It uses three-layer filtration to filter up all types of dust, dirt, pollen, bacteria, allergens, and droplets.It’s a multi-use safety mask that can be used by the workers working in different industries as well as normal commuters. It provides safety against bacteria and mold, road dust and dirt, vehicle emissions, pollens and allergens, industry smoke and much more.According to various reports and studies, this face mask is also very effective to protect users from coronavirus spread. You can wear this mask to prevent yourself from inhaling infected droplets.The best part about this professional-grade safety face mask is that it can last up to 80 hours. You can use a single mask for up to a week during your work time. For normal users, it can last up to a month.


  • User-friendly design with built-in clasp
  • Highly protective against harmful bacteria, pollens and all
  • Easy-to-wear design
  • Made from high-grade materials
  • Can last up to 80 hours


  • There are no cons present on this mask. It’s an all-in-one multi-purpose and effective safety mask for every human being.
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Nasomask Anti Pollution Face Mask - Pack of 5

Nasomask N95 Anti-Pollution Mask

2. UNIK BRAND™ Nose Mask-3ply Disposable Mouth Masks

All grade brings a pair of basic safety masks for those who are in need of a quick protection tool to prevent coronavirus spreading. The Anti-pollution and virus control safety mask from Algrade comes with the three-layer design. Yes, it provides three-layer protection against harmful bacteria and droplets.

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With advanced three-stage filtering system, it provides safety against deadly coronavirus. You will get a pack of two safety masks from this order which is there for both, Men and Women. The universal design fits perfectly well on both, men and women.

The mask is very easy to wear and carries a portable design. You can even fold or unfold it whenever you need with easy to handle design. You can wear is daily as per your needs as they are very cheap and affordable. It is made of soft and comfortable materials, making it more user-friendly.


  • Universal design
  • Easy-to-wear Mask
  • Fold and unfold type mask
  • Made from high-grade soft materials
  • Provides three-stage filtration


  • They are not effective for a longer time. You have to change it every 5 to 8 hours.
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Disposable Mouth Masks (10pc)

3. ARFA - Black Face Mask

Safety Face Masks are there to keep yourself safe from consuming airborne bacteria or dust or dirt. With a little precaution, you can save yourself from getting infected. If you are concern about Coronavirus, then you can protect yourself by wearing a reusable cotton face mask as well.When you have your face covered with anything, you will be protected from consuming droplets. Your face must be fully covered so that you cannot easily consume unnecessary things.Reusable Cotton Face Mask comes with a set of 6. Yes, you will get 6 face masks that can be reused by the users. These masks are made from 100% cotton materials which can be washed out and reuse by the users.Cotton face mask provides an extra layer of protection. Unlike the professional-grade masks, this cotton mask carries a single layer of protection which is still considered effective. They can be used to filtering the air and prevent yourself from consuming bacterial, dirt, and protection against droplets.


  • Comes with a pack of upto 3
  • Free size suitable for everyone
  • 100% cotton material
  • It helps in filtering air, smoke, pollution, etc.
  • Multi-color


  • Single-layer protection only
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Black Face Mask

4. Party-Hut V-410-V Reusable Anti Air Pollution Face Mask

Respirator Masks is considered highly effective against deadly viruses and chemical agents including airborne particles. Berry Collection brings you a highly effective disposable respirator mask to keep yourself safe from getting infected with Coronavirus.This respirator mask is made from skin-friendly 100% pure cotton materials. With pure cotton and non-woven material, it provides great safety and comfort to the users. You will not feel stressed out even if you wear it for hours or longer time. It is comfortable and highly effective against airborne viruses and droplets.

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It is designed to protect your entire mouth. It makes sure to keep the mouth area fully sealed so that no particles can get inside you. You can breathe freely while wearing this mask which is indeed a good thing for the newbies who haven’t used it before.The cup-shaped design makes it more comfortable to wear. It has a natural face-mask design that comes with a comfortable nose pin. It’s a multi-duty face mask which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.With this mask, you can protect yourself from inhaling dust particles, droplets, sawdust, pollen, allergens, bacteria, smoky chemicals, metal shavings and much more. All these particles will be filtered out from the air so that you can inhale 100% fresh and healthy air which ultimately helps you to live healthier.You can wear this mask for doing various activities such as gardening, cleaning of the furniture, sofa, car, etc. It is also highly effective while sweeping, mopping, sanding, etc. It protects you from the droplets of the infected person with coronavirus as well. You will get a pack of two disposable respiratory masks from here.


  • Made from premium-grade skin-friendly materials
  • Ideal for all types of users with universal design
  • The cup-shaped design makes it more comfortable
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Comes with a pack of 2
  • Reusable


  • They dont give extra filters
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Reusable Anti Air Pollution Face Mask

5. Maskpol Anti-Pollution Face Mask Artist

Maskpol has designed a special mask for artistic use. If you are searching for a stylish-looking face mask, then Maskol’s anti-pollution face mask artist is the best option for you. This mask is designed with an internal filter inside which is there to protect you from bacteria and other pollutants.It is highly effective against air-borne pollutants. It is made from high-quality cotton materials and carries a universal design. Anyone can easily wear it as it doesn’t ask for any special requirements or prior skills. Just take it out and wear it to your ears by covering your entire mouth area.The best part about this artist's anti-pollution face mask is that it is a reusable one. The material is washable that means you can wash it anytime you want and can wear it. You don’t need to throw it away if it gets dirty. Just take it off, wash it properly with detergent and reuse it.Moreover, being an artistic mask, it comes with vibrant colors and design. It looks pretty attractive to add more style to your personality. You should not forget the fact of protecting yourself from getting infected from coronavirus. Make sure you wear it properly so that you can prevent yourself from inhaling droplets of infected coronavirus patients.


  • Made from high-quality cotton materials
  • Easy-to-wear design
  • Made from washable materials
  • Can be reused multiple times
  • Super stylish and affordable


  • Not that effective against bacteria and coronavirus but it provides enough safety from getting directly infected.
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Maskpol Anti Pollution Mace Mask Artist

Final Words:

We have enlisted the market’s best and currently available mask which you can order now to safeguard yourself from getting infected. If you are really worried about you and your family members, then you should take precautionary steps on time. Go through the details, follow the reviews of the available safety face masks and order the suitable one for you and your loved ones now!

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