[*Latest*] Best WhatsApp Dare Messages of 2018

WhatsApp dare games – As You Know Whatsapp Is The Most Famous Chatting App in The World, Over, 1+ Billion People Using it, But do you know that you can also play Games In Whatsapp? No, I am not talking about that game. I am Talking About Whatsapp Dare Games

Nowadays WhatsApp Dare Games Getting Very Viral On Internet, Everyone is Searching On Google For New WhatsApp dare Messages For Friends, everyone is sending Whatsapp Dare messages to his Girlfriends, Everyone sends Interesting Puzzles of Whatsapp one to each other.

So Guys If You’re Searching Whatsapp Dare Games So You’re In Right Place Here I have a Huge Collection of best Whatsapp Dare Messages with Answers 2018.

After a Lot Of Research Finally, I’m Able To Share This Huge Collection Of Whatsapp Games With You Guys…

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whatsapp dare game

So what are you waiting for? Fading in, fading out, On the edge of paradise, Ohh Sorry This Is my Favourite Song Sung I could not stop myself. Well, Scroll Down And Grab Your Desire Whatsapp Puzzles Or Whatsapp Quiz.

Note – If you have any WhatsApp dare then comment Down with your name I will Update This Post And Mention Your Name in this article.

I have divided Whatsapp games into 8 parts For Your Comforts

  1. WhatsApp Dare Games For Lovers
  2. Dare For Whatsapp Story
  3. WhatsApp Dare Games For Friends
  4. WhatsApp Smiley Dare Games With Answers
  5. WhatsApp Dare Choose An Alphabet
  6. WhatsApp Truth And Dare Games
  7. WhatsApp Puzzle
  8. WhatsApp Question And Answer In Hindi

You Can Click Here To Jump Directly On that part

Whatsapp dare


What Is Whatsapp Dare Games?

But Before This, I Want To Explain What Is Whatsapp Dare Games? It’s not like other mobile games, Whatsapp Games Based On Dare in Which You Have To Send a Dare Like Smiley Dare, Whatsapp Alphabet Dare, Whatsapp 1 to 54 Dare, Whatsapp Puzzles, Whatsapp Truth And Dares Etc. To Your Friends/Family or Yur Girlfriends and after they reply to your dare messages You Have To Send Answer For That Dare That’s it.

Now Question Is Comes Where You guys get the collection Of Whatsapp Dares With Answer? So Don’t Worry About This. Here You Can Get all These Stuff.

WhatsApp dare games for lovers

WhatsApp dares for a girlfriend or Whatsapp Dares For a Boyfriends. it is very interesting to send one to each other Spatially when you love someone a lot And you want to know his/her opinion about yourself. WhatsApp games can help you.

Even when you want to express the love to Some One, WhatsApp questions for lovers proved very Helpful, For this, I will give you a Unique Whatsapp Dare Massages For A Girl Whom you love.

WhatsApp dares For a Girlfriend

Write your Name In the Japanese Language, !!!

 A= ka, B= tu, C= mi, D= te,

E= ku, F= lu, G= ji, H= ri, I= ki, J= zu

K= me, L= ta, M= rin, N= to, O= mo, P= no

Q= ke, R= shi, S= ari, T= chi, U= do, V= ru, W= mei, X= na Y= fu, Z= zi.

Pls send your funny names😝


Dirty Whatsapp Dare Games For Girlfriend

Choose any number From 1 to 5… be careful kuch bhi sakta hai

  1. Send me your Pic Wearing shorts
  2. Send me a picture of what your doing now.
  3. send me your nude picture
  4. Send me your Pictures in Bra
  5. seduce me to do something 😉


Naughty WhatsApp games for lovers

 Choose any number From 1-10 Reply Fast 😀 

1. Send a Selfie of yours in the toilet

2. Sing ur fav song or send it to me.

3. tell me which brand under-garments you wear 😉

4. Make my name as yours Whatsapp status saying that You want to marry me soon.

5. send me kisses in a video Clip.

6. Send me a voice clip saying dat “Baby paad Aa rhi Hai”

7. click a pic Wearing Bra Only and send it to me.

8. Tell me who is yours Favourite Actor and reason behind it

9. click your pic showing Legs and send it to me.

10. Keep my pic as Your  Dpz a status saying-“baby i love u more n more”..Oh yes i love u!!! 

Whatsapp Dare for Couples 

Dare: Select any lucky ❤ Number and I will send you Dare for your selected.❤ Remember you can’t back out if you choose to play this dare.



❤1 Be My One Day BF/GF.

❤2 Make my photo your WhatsApp DP.

❤3 What you like the most in me?

❤4 What kind of relationship do you expect from me ?

❤5 Rate me in looks from 1 to 10.

❤6 Kiss me..

❤7 Propose me.

❤8 Tell me your relationship status-Single or Committed.

❤9 What qualities do you search in your life partner?

❤10 Tell me your girlfriend/boyfriend name.

Dares For Whatsapp Story

Think you are Attending my marriage..👰🏻.. what will you tell to my partner about me?? Its gonna upload to my Whatsapp story….

It’s interesting send this all your friends and get their opinion….quick


Let’s see how much you know me!

Q # 1) My Birthday?
Q # 2) What word i say most?
Q # 3) I Love?
Q # 4) My Bad Habits?
Q # 5) My Quality that attracts you?
Q # 6) Best Part of my face?
Q # 7)😎 who am I for you?

I’ll put it in my Whatsapp Story if I like Whatsapp

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Whatsapp Dare Games for friends with answers

whatsapp dare gaem for friends

Whatsapp Dare Games are more interesting to play with your friends, family and lover. If you’re also looking new WhatsApp Dares then this Section is very special to you personally.

 Fill it up😇

  1. How we met:
  2. My name in your phone:
  3. Who I am to you:
  4. One word that describes me:
  5. What you dislike about me:
  6. First impression:
  7. Current impression
  8. Do you trust me:
    •Send it to your frnds and get amazing replies but reply me first
    I wil put on my story

If This WhatsApp dare games Send By Your friends, Then Give Them Reply as

  1. Ek Manhoos din tha, tu Gaanja phoonk Rha Tha
  2. Chutya
  3. Chutya
  4. Chutya
  5. Ki Tu Bhut Chutyapanti karte  Rhta Hai
  6. Dekhte hi samjh gya tha bhut bada waala Chutya hai
  7. abhi bhi chutya hi hai  (Bilkul Nhi Badle)
  8. EK Dam Nhi😋

WhatsApp Smiley dare games with answers

All of us loves to play WhatsApp Smiley Dare Games with Our friends as well as family members. What makes Smiley Dare interesting is, we need to choose your desired smiley or you’ll Get an Answer For Your That Smiley.

WhatsApp dare choose a smiley

choose Smiley 7 be Ready For The Dare

😘 😚 😍 😙 😜 😝 😄 😀 😊 😉 😳 😭 ☺  😣  😂  😥 😰 😅


  • 😘 – Tell me something about your personal life.
  • 😚 – Give me Cadbury silk when u meet me.
  • 😍 – Write my name on your status for 6 hours.
  • 😙 – Tell me whom you kissed first in your life
  • 😜 – Send me your crush picture.
  • 😄 – Send me your funniest picture.
  • 😀 – What do you feel about me?
  • 😊 – Do my recharge of 198/-
  • 😉- Hug me tight when you will meet me.
  • 😭- Describe me in 3 lines.
  • ☺ – Tell me ur deepest secret.
  • 😣 – Tell me honestly whom do you love?
  • 😂 – Propose me right now.
  • 😰 – : send me a video of yours by saying anything.[/box]
[*Latest*] Best WhatsApp Dare Messages of 2018
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