How to change RetroPie Splash screen

How to change RetroPie Splash screen

We all know that playing games is today’s trend and with RetroPie, you can change your Raspberry PI or your PC into a retro-gaming machine. Many users do not know about changing the splash screen. That’s why, today in this article we will tell you how to change the RetroPie splash screen.

Splash Screen means the pictures or videos that we are seeing when there is loading happening on the RetroPie setup. It is your choice that if you want to change the splash screen, you can do it easily in different ways. You can choose from already available pictures or you can create your picture.

How to change Retropie Splash Screen?

Now if you want to change the Retropie Splash screen, then you have to read all the things properly given in this article. Don’t skip any step.

  • First of all, you have to go to the emulation station and then press F4 there on your keyboard.
  • It will take you to the CD directory where you have to type ‘cd RetroPie-setup’.
  • Now after typing that now you have to type ‘sudo./’
  • Now you will able to see many options on that screen, you have to tap on the Screen Slash option.
  • Now you have a lot of options to set a splash screen by selecting from the default options, can select the video, or you can also choose your own created image or video.

So this is the process of changing the Retropie splash screen. Many users are asking how can we add a custom splash screen.

Adding a Custom splash screen is not a difficult task, you just have to use an SSH program and then you have to save your custom splash screen to the path given below.


Make sure that you have to add your video or image to their unique folder by itself. You have to add the file name after the path mentioned above.

Now we will share some information that you should know if you want to add a video splash screen.

For adding any video, you just have to follow the same steps as you have to do with the image and you have to meet the following criteria while adding any custom video.

  • You video length should not be more than 20 – 30 seconds, like 5 – 10 seconds video length is an ideal time.
  • Your video size should not he much large otherwise, it will create an issue in running that video.
  • The video format matters a lot, we will recommend you to use Mp4 format to run the video without any interruptions.
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There can be various reasons for the splash screen not working on RetroPie PI, but don’t worry we will discuss some of the common issues with its solutions.

  • If the wrong splash screen is showing then you have to recheck the settings that you have set. There can be an issue of the wrong file chosen. You should reboot the RetroPie by choosing the shutdown option from the menu
  • If the video is not playing properly, then you have to check whether your file is specifying all the RetroPie requirements. You have to check your file size, length, and format. So that, video can run on the splash screen without any issues.

As we have mentioned all the things about the RetroPie splash screen about how to change RetroPie splash screen and how to fix the trouble you are facing in setting the splash screen. All the steps are quite easy, still, if you are facing any queries then you can revert us in the comment section.

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