Cheap resume writing service - High-quality paper

Cheap resume writing service – High-quality paper

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Things to remember when writing a professional resume?

1. No spreading thoughts along the tree

The length of the perfect resume is controversial. However, experts know exactly how it should not be: three pages is a prohibitive size that an employer cannot master. At the same time, some experts believe that one page is a resume for beginners. A specialist with experience simply physically cannot fit his professional data on one page.

So it’s best to start with a two-page volume. However, keep in mind that the first page will be viewed with great attention, so focus on putting all the best information about yourself there.

2. Highlight your achievements and unique qualities

This is one of the most important things to consider when filling out a resume. Your resume should be a list of your accomplishments, not a description of your career path. When writing your resume, remember that your job is to make an employer see how valuable you are to the company.

Highlight your achievements for each job in separate blocks. It’s your accomplishments, not just company names, that make a compelling case for hiring. Anything you write on your resume need to show that you are the best candidate. When writing down what you achieved and your responsibilities, ask yourself – “What does this mean?”

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3. Speak the same language with your employer

This is also one of the important points when writing a resume. Use the so-called keywords. To do this, carefully read the requirements for the vacancy and highlight for yourself the main terms used by the employer. “Fill” your resume with the same vocabulary, even if you’ve used different terminology before. This way, your resume will convincingly demonstrate that your skills and abilities are right for the company and you meet their requirements.

4. Show your literacy

Check, check, and re-check your resume. It must be written correctly. Turn on the spell check feature and be sure to ask someone to read your resume. Mistakes will immediately catch the eye of the employer and, even without reading the resume, he will not have the best opinion of you.

5. Remember the appearance

The resume form is also of great importance. It is essential that your resume is easy to understand. Use typical business fonts. Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman with 12 pt is the most suitable option. Don’t overdo it with highlights and underlines. If you still want to highlight some elements or titles, then make sure that the selections are the same throughout the text.

6. Ditch the universal resume

Many employers pay attention to how well your resume is tailored to a specific job. There is no need to completely rewrite the resume for a particular company, however, adding specific details or shifting emphasis is a must.

7. Photo – only if applicable

The question of whether you need to add a photo to your resume is controversial. Many HR managers agree that adding photos to your resume is only necessary if your appearance is directly related to functional responsibilities. For example, if you are applying for a position that is considered “the face of the company” or the job implies certain publicity (for example, PR managers, sales consultants, office managers, promoters). In addition, experts advise adding photos, for instance, if you look much younger than your age, but fear that you may be denied a job due to your age.

8. Don’t leave open questions

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This is extremely important if you want to make your resume a real “guide” to work. Any ambiguity or ambiguity in the resume may cause additional questions and doubts from the employer, which, in turn, can lead to the fact that your resume is undeservedly sent to the trash can.

Try to clarify any points that might raise questions. Avoid white spots on your resume. For instance, if for a certain period of time you did not work in a permanent job, but were engaged in freelancing, do not miss this period out. Also include times when you volunteered or studied.

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