Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Why Ethiopian Coffee Beans are different from other countries’ coffee beans?  

If you are a true coffee lover then you must have heard about the Ethiopian Coffee Beans. If you ask about the country with the best coffee beans, then most of the experts would answer Ethiopian.

Ethiopian Coffee Beans are high in demand just because of its world-class flavor. In this article, we will give you brief information about the Ethiopian Coffee Beans with the best options available to suit your taste.

Ethiopian Coffee Beans: The History 

Ethiopian Coffee Beans named after the country Ethiopia where the original coffee plants were found. All the coffee beans that you find across the globe including Asia and Latin America have their roots with the country Ethiopia. The first Ethiopian coffee bean was found in the 9th Century by a Goat Herder.

Since then, many types of coffee beans were discovered. In today’s time, there are different types of popular coffee beans you can get from this one single country I.e. Ethiopia.

Let’s check out some fun facts about the Ethiopian Coffee Beans first. 

  • About one-quarter of the country is dependent upon Coffee. They sell or run a coffee or beverage making businesses across the country.
  • The country is the fifth-largest coffee exporter in the world.
  • A number of different types of coffee beans can be found in one country.
  • Ethiopia is the top-rated country for coffee lovers by experts.

These are the reasons why so many people would love to know about Best Ethiopian Coffee Beans.

You must be wondering about how Ethiopian Coffee Beans are different from the coffee beans found in different countries. Well, here we have tried to answer your question in brief.

Why Ethiopian Coffee Beans are different from other countries’ coffee beans?

First of all, Ethiopian coffee beans are of different types. You will get a different taste in a different region of the country. The beans can be found in regions such as Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, Jimma, Limmu and Harrar. The taste of coffee beans from each of these regions is different.

Here, we have listed down the different tastes of the Ethiopian Coffee Beans region-wise. Check out the list to know more about why Ethiopian Coffee Beans are so much popular in the world.

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Sidamo’s Coffee Beans are normal in size and they carry spicy and citric taste.


Yirgacheffe’s coffee beans are high in demand as they carry a variety of tastes and flavors. You will get different flavors of beans such as Jasmin, wine, lemon berry and more.


Jimma’s Coffee Beans are loved by wine lovers as they carry wine-type taste. It smells like nuts and also delivers the essence of natural nuts.


Limmu’s coffee beans are also popular for its variety of tastes and flavors. You will get wine and a floral type of taste. Sometimes, the limmu coffee beans also taste spicy.


Harrar coffee beans are known for delivering fruity taste especially the blackberry flavor of the Harrar beans is a popular choice.

If you are a true coffee lover, then you should not forget to taste out the Ethiopian Coffee Beans. They give you a different taste which you might never have tasted before in any other country.

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