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How to Create an Amazing Infographic with DesignCap

To all those who would like to present an infographic or any information on the visual level (flyer, poster, ad banner, report, etc.) but who are not graphic designers, here is a tool that can prove to be awfully useful. It is DesignCap! Let’s see how to create a fantastic infographic with a DesignCap infographic maker.

Step 1: Create an outline of your topic
The purpose of an infographic is to translate a theme or idea into the form of the visual content.
Therefore, before creating in your infographic, take a step back and ask yourself some questions:

What is the purpose of the piece?
Who will be my audience?
What message do I want to portray to the viewer?

Pro tip: There is no right or wrong, but make sure you have a clear picture of what you want to
create before starting the process.

Step 2: Use a template

design cap

After opening the website, click on “Get Started Now” to enter the app. DesignCap won’t ask you
to register an account. Still, it’s better to identify yourself to access more features and resources,
either with your Google or Facebook account or by simply creating an account using an email

Then choose a template from the preset ones. As you can see, DesignCap offers thousands of
templates located in different categories. Besides infographics, you can also select other visual
templates such as Leaderboard, Presentation, YouTube Channel Art, Tumblr Banner, Report,
Logo, Instagram Post, and many more. Check them, and you will finally find one that is sure to
meet your needs.

Step 3: It’s Time To Design

design cap

You have on the left several icons named respectively: TEMPLATE, ELEMENT, PHOTOS, CHART,

You are, therefore, able to move the blocks of the basic template, change their colors, or even
delete them. In the ELEMENT section, you can insert shapes, lines, etc. DesignCap offers millions
of high-quality stock images in its PHOTOS section. With the UPLOADS option, you can import
personal photos. BACKGROUND allows you to change the background of your design. In addition,
there is a list of beautiful preset font styles in the TEXT section while a number of modules for a
quick arrangement of image and text.

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What I want to emphasize is DesignCap’s CHART option. Thanks to a relatively varied range of
charts, you can insert different infographic visuals into your design, including the standard line, a
flexibly customizable table, a dynamic map, and a commonly used column, etc. It’s very
interesting to use them to display your data in the design. You can easily import statistics from
XLS, XLSX, and CSV file formats.

Step 4: Save and share your infographic

save and share design cap

When you are finally satisfied with your infographic design, save it to your computer by clicking
on the Download button while saving it directly to your DesignCap account by clicking on the Save

To share it, click on Share. You are asked to set the sharing state before sharing it on your social
media. With the Share Link option, you are able to share your design anywhere on your website.

DealsNtricks’ opinion:

DesignCap is an excellent infographic design tool. Even in its free version, it offers interesting
features that make it a quality and very intuitive tool.

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