Create the Coolest Video Invite for your Party through InVideo

When the occasion is set and the plans of the party are final, the next step is to invite your guests and letting them know the time and venue. While traditional paper invites have a touch of elegance, the ease of making video invites have made digital invites a popular choice in recent times.

In addition, if you are inviting your friends who are tech-savvy, the ease of making a delightful video invite through InVideo makes it an attractive option. InVideo is one of the best free video editing software and we will provide you with some guidelines in this article. First, let us take a look at the few advantages of sending a digital invite.

What makes digital invites popular?

  • It is a cheap option and in most cases, it is free. Various party invitation templates and wedding invitation templates are also available for free which makes it easy to cut costs.
  • These invites also offer the option of immediate RSVP with a simple click. They also make it easy for the host to determine the number of guests.
  • You can let the others know who all are invited to the party through the e-invite services. This makes it easy for guests to find and connect with people they know. The arrangement does have its downsides but it can be advantageous in certain scenarios.
  • Updating the invitation is easy and the guests can be easily informed of the same with a few clicks. This also allows the guests to let you know about any change in their plans easily.
  • When you start making videos with InVideo, you can create some creative invitations that can add a fresh touch to the entire event. The use of various party invitation templates makes it easy to move beyond the mundane and add the right amount of personal touch and fine details to make the invitation eye-catching. An interesting video can also make more impact on the guests by adding a personal and intimate touch.
  • Creating an online platform of the event also allows guests to interconnect, comment, and arrange for shared rides to the venue. In addition, there are also polling options that allow you to choose a favorite drink or dessert.
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Video invitations through InVideo

With the various advantages that video invitations offer it is no wonder that they are slowly taking over the market. Video invitations are being used for a wide range of events including business meeting calls, birthday parties, and marriage events by event organizers. But with the easy to use the creative platform of InVideo that offers multiple party invitation templates, you can design an invitation you want in a few simple steps. Even if you have no prior experience in creating videos, the guided steps make it easy to add the images, videos, stickers, and text styles of your choice from the thousands of samples present.

While everybody understands the importance of videos in the digital world, the lack of experience in creating them makes people walk away from it. The video invitation maker makes sure that you can make quality video invitations with a minimum amount of effort.

There are plenty of options that allow you to make complex videos that have multi-layered effects or opt for simplicity to make the right statement.

You can also start making videos with InVideo by making the best use of your personal photos and videos to stitch them together to make a more appealing invitation. InVideo combines the actions of YouTube intro maker and an online slideshow maker to provide your videos with the right professional tone.

Tips to prepare an invite video with video

The following steps need to be kept in mind in order to start making videos with InVideo.

Choosing the right template

The first step is to choose the right template from InVideo’s vast collection of party invitation templates. For this, you need to visit the “Make a Video” option and then visit the “I want to explore pre-made templates” segment. You can make a search based on the type of invitation you want to create from the directory of hundreds of video templates. Once you have picked the template that matches your requirements, click on ‘Start with this template” and you will be directed to the InVideo Editor to start making videos with InVideo.

Use the colors and themes effectively

Depending on whether it is a birthday party or an anniversary, you can use a range of colors along with the background themes to give the video the right tone. The color wheel allows you to match colors precisely so that the party invitation template and your personal videos can match each other in the best possible manner.

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The InVideo interface also allows you to make effective use of enhancers for introducing various effects into the video. If you want to keep things simple, you can also make a modest collage or use a text box to introduce a message.

While all this may sound complicated when you start making videos with InVideo, you will be guided through the entire process to make things easy for you.

The right use of Tunes and Texts

Using the right tunes matching with the party invitation templates can make the entire invitation video more attractive while adding a soothing mood. A catchy tune that blends well with your videos is a good choice and you can either select a tune from the wide range of songs from the InVideo music library or select one from your own collection.

To check how the music matches the video, select the video preview option and feel free to update the music if you feel so. Finish up the video by adding the relevant information in textual form. You can use the readymade text boxes available and choose the best format from headlines, sub-headlines, or normal text.

These are the basic steps to create an inviting video by using the party invitation templates offered by video. Making impressive videos that can impress your guests has never been easier and it is one of the coolest ways to invite them for a special occasion.

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