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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Best Free Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery Software – A reliable data recovery software is essential while we work on the Computer. We always make mistakes and accidentally delete the crucial files from the system. To get the lost or deleted data back on your computer or laptop, you must use Data Recovery Software. You can find out plenty of Data Recovery Software from the web, however, getting the most suitable one is quite tricky. If you’ve been searching for an appropriate and effective data recovery software, then EaseUs is the best option available for you.

These days, file recovery software is high in demands as people have become more advanced with the latest technology and devices. Smartphones and computers have become integral parts of our lives. During the task, we accidentally delete essential documents and files from the system and get panic. If you ever need your lost and recover data back, EaseUs provides you a platform to get back all of those accidentally deleted files back to your system.

Data Recovery Software

Data recovery software 2.png

EaseUs is currently one of the best Data Recovery Software available in the market. The Software is available for both, Windows and Mac Operating Systems. EaseUs recover deleted files from the system in just a few minutes. The software is highly advanced and allows you to recover all types of data from your system.

EaseUs offers three types of Data Recovery option through this software. You can go with the Free version which will give you a few features to access for free. With the free software, you can recover lost or deleted data up to 2GB. The software comes with handy features which also protect your files and allows you to backup and restore the data.

On the other hand, if you go with the Pro version, the premium version of this data recovery tool costs you $89.95. With this Pro version, you can recover unlimited data from your computer. There’s no limit or recovering your lost and deleted files and documents with the Pro version. What we recommend you are first to check out its free Trial version. If you are delighted with its Trial version, you can go with its Premium version which comes with plenty of additional benefits.

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Apart from this, there’s one more option available for you. If you want to recover the data from Bootable drives, EaseUs has a Platinum edition of the tool with costs $129.90. This tool allows you to recover unlimited lost and deleted files from your system and external drives.

If you are impressed with this tool and want to go with the Pro edition of this tool, here’s an eye-popping offer available for you. If you’re going to purchase the Pro version, you will get instant 30% off on both the Premium versions.

  • Get 30% Discount
  • Data Recovery Wizard will cost you $62.96
  • Todo Backup will cost you $27.96

You will save $38.98 on the combo pack.

Additionally, you will also get 30 days of money back guarantee on the Pro version. If you are not satisfied with the Pro version, you will get a full refund within 30 days.

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