FreeVPN That Works With Netflix, Free vpn that works with netflix

5 Free VPN That Works With Netflix in 2021

Free VPN That Works With Netflix: There are many ways with which you can explore the contents of different regions through Netflix. Being the world’s most popular online streaming platform, Netflix has a huge number of its subscribers from around the world. The platform is getting more and more popular because of its uniqueness in serving innovative videos, TV series, and more. Today, we will provide you with a list of Free VPN that works with Netflix. You can pick the most suitable VPN provider from the list and can start exploring the contents of different countries from your home.

In today’s digital world, VPNs are becoming a necessity as we all are depending upon the Internet. There are many ways to get entertained while you are surfing the Internet. Netflix is widely available in many regions where it serves unique content in different languages. If you live in the US and want to explore the videos from the UK, you will need a VPN.

Apart from this, you can also explore location-based websites through VPN. You can change your current location to the desired country to explore things easily. Besides this, you can also hide your IP and protect your PC from online hackers and viruses. It keeps you protected by encrypting your data and hiding your real information such as your IP and your location.

There are two types of VPN providers available in the digital world, Premium VPN providers and Free VPN providers. Premium VPN providers require you to purchase their services, and for that reason, they provide a better interface and high-level security to the users. If you don’t want much of the security, then there are many Free VPN providers available which let you use all the features of the Premium VPNs for absolutely free.

Using Premium Services of Premium VPNs costs a lot of money, however, it gets you a number of advanced features to keep your web-surfing and your personal data protected and secured. If we talk about the features, you will get high-level security, more privacy, block-free Internet access, and many more. As mentioned above, if you don’t want much of the security features, and don’t want to pay for their services, then there are plenty of Free VPN providers available for you.

You might be wondering why there’s no cost for the Free VPNs? Well, there could be a lot of reasons behind providing this service for free to the users. Once you choose to go with the Free VPN provider, you will end up paying some way or the other. Free VPN shows you a lot of advertisements and ask for permissions to allow the app fetching your smartphone’s information. It will also bring many types of malicious files to your PC. You can also download the Netflix mod apk for watching Netflix for free forever.

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FreeVPN That Works With Netflix, Free vpn that works with netflix

Just to give you the right information about the Free VPNs, we have tested many of them personally, and prepare the following list. If you are fond of exploring videos through Netflix and want to unblock the location-based content, then the following list might just help you out with the issue you are facing. What you can do with this Free VPN is, change your current geo-location to the desired country, and you will be ready to explore the videos and more through Netflix.

Free VPN That Works With Netflix


NordVPN is undoubtedly the best VPN service providers in the world. They have a huge number of servers which lets you explore Netflix content of various countries easily. It is currently working with countries like United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and many more. If you are searching for a reliable VPN especially for Netflix, then NordVPN should be your choice.

Besides Netflix, it offers a set of extraordinary features to protect your online activities and data from malware and other viruses. It keeps you secured always no matter which websites you are exploring. NordVPN also comes with real-time data privacy features which keep your personal data encrypted. It ensures that no one else can see or view your data. You can protect it via PIN code.

Moreover, with this VPN, you can enjoy the Internet with no restrictions. You might probably know that there are websites that are restricted to specific regions. However, with this VPN, you can change your current location to unblock the website restriction easily. You can keep up to 6 devices safe and secured this NordVPN.


ExpressVPN is yet another popular and useful VPN supplier that comes with free and premium plans for the users. Depending upon your requirements, you can simply get the suitable plan from the subscriber which gets you a number of extra features to explore the Internet securely.

ExpressVPN has a huge number of servers that work perfectly fine with Netflix. You can explore Netflix of different countries through their servers. Currently, it supports the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and a few other countries. You can use Netflix to explore the contents of these countries for free.

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Exploring Netflix is super easy with ExpressVPN. All you need to do is sign up for the ExpressVPN’s and select your subscription plan. If you don’t want to go with the premium plan, you can simply go with the test plan which costs you nothing. After this, you will be able to connect to over 2000 serves which are from top regions of the world.

Once you change your existing location, you can simply launch Netflix on the desired device to start exploring the contents. ExpressVPN will run in the background and does its job perfectly.


LiquidVPN is a risk-free VPN provider that offers a seamless experience to explore Netflix’s restricted videos. It uses anonymous IP addresses to protect your online privacy. It keeps you secure while working on the Internet.

LiquidVPN is highly used to unblock social networking websites and online streaming websites. The user interface of this provider is pretty simple. You just need to connect to the desired server and you’re done. You will be able to explore restricted websites and videos from those websites.

There are many websites that are only available in some specific regions. However, by connecting to the server through LiquidVPN, you can actually unblock those websites. You can explore these websites normally just by changing your current location.

In addition, LiquidVPN has over 2000 public IP Addresses which hides your current IP. You can get access of a new IP every time you change the server through this VPN. It’s actually very useful to safeguard your important information and data.

Moreover, LiquidVPN providers a multi-platform interface with its reliable software. LiquidVPN’s software is compatible to run on macOS, Windows, and even on Android devices. The user interface of this software is easy to use which doesn’t require any complex tasks to be done. Just install the software cum app to the desired platform, and start using it. You can search for the server’s location and connect to it


PrivateVPN has a custom-built VPN which is specially designed for the Netflix platform. If you are searching for free VPN servers, then PrivateVPN should be your choice. PrivateVPN is currently working in countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and a few others more.

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PrivateVPN unblocks the entire content catalog of Netflix USA for the users. You will be able to explore the entire US videos of Netflix for free using this provider.

Interestingly, the provider also guides you about how you can unblock Netflix of a specific country. It serves a decent user interface that lets you explore a variety of features easily. You can simply connect to the desired server, and your existing geo-location will be changed. Moreover, your IP will also hide and nobody can see or track you down.

5 CyberGhost

CyberGhost offers a clean UI for its users. If you are searching for a VPN provider that can unblock Netflix USA, then CyberGhost is for you. They have upgraded their UI recently and now added more servers to their networks. You can now explore more regions through CyberGhost and can explore geo-restricted videos and websites for free.

Unlike other VPN providers, CyberGhost has a dedicated IP Blocking section to unblock IP for Netflix users. There is a proper guideline given once you sign up, you will be able to explore Netflix USA and many other regions of Netflix seamlessly.

What’s more interesting is, CyberGhost lets you connect up to seven devices simultaneously. You can explore restricted contents on seven different devices at once using this platform. You can explore Netflix content for free using its free version. Besides this, there is a premium edition of CyberGhost is also available for the users, who don’t want to compromise their security.

A premium version offers a set of additional features that you cannot get in a free edition. If you don’t want to go with additional features, then the free version is more convenient for you. With the free edition, you can see use most of the features of its Premium version.

Moreover, CyberGhost has a very helpful team to help out the users with their queries. They are always ready to help you out whenever you face some issues while using their services.

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