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GB Whatsapp new version download 7.70 apk download

GBWhatsApp APK Download for Android: Hello, Guys today I am going to talk about Another Very Interesting Application for android phone which is not available on the play store. Nowadays as you buy a Smartphone you quickly install WhatsApp as soon as possible from the play store. But this WhatsApp lacks many features, but there is not to worry about that because there is GBWHATSAPP which has all the unique features which the original WhatsApp doesn’t have.  Oho there is one good news also this WhatsApp also comes free and with the help of this WhatsApp you can handle multiple accounts and this is one of the coolest features of this application. Let’s know the features of this application.

To be really honest I am bored using the Official Whatsapp messenger apk, so whenever we are looking for an alternative for whatsapp Official App then 2 names come to my mind first is GBWhatsapp And Another one is FMWhatsapp Apk.

Frankly Speaking, Whatsapp Is one of the best messenger apps developed till Now. There is no doubt that WhatsApp is by far the most perfect app, people like this messenger app because of its Simplicity. But This App Also Have Some Restriction Which we do not like at all As You Can Only Add only 256 People in your Group.

Personally, I hate this restriction. According to me telegram providing the best service in terms of Group features, here you can also have features like polls, unlimited people can join a single group any more. you can’t find these features in your official whatsapp apk. So We Want to use these features in your whatsapp apk, right? So Whatsapp mod Apk (Gb Whatsapp) Can Provide All these features Even you can change your theme Color and many more I will give you the details below of the features of Gb Whatsapp Apk

So If You Want to Download the Latest Version Of Gb Whatsapp Apk Then Below we are providing the GbWhatsapp 7.70 Apk Download In This Post.

Before Providing Download Link of Gbwhatsapp Apk I want to tell you that Gb whatsapp is not the only mod alternative available on the internet. modders are developed Hundreds of Whatsapp mods. Like FMWhatsapp Apk, Og Whatsapp Apk, Whatsapp plus apk, Yo whatsapp, and GB whatsapp apk.

But According To Data, Gb Whatsapp Is the Most Downloaded Whatsapp Mod APk., Why not even its features are like this. So Gb whatsapp Developers Are Overcome All The Missing Features of Official whatsapp apk like group limitation, theme color changes, and icon features.


GB Whatsapp Information

App NameGBWhatsApp (GBWA)
Last Updated6 November 2018
Android Version RequiresAndroid 4.0+
App Size36.1 MB

GB Whatsapp new version download


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  • You can hide chats as well as you can download the story and status of the other.
  • It has included unique emojis than WhatsApp which very expressive as well as fun too.
  • The video calling of this WhatsApp is far better than WhatsApp.
  • You can send videos up to 50 MB on WhatsApp which is more than WhatsApp.
  • You can broadcast messages to up to 599+ peoples at a time.
  • You can write a message of 255 words and send it.
  • With the help of this Gbwhatsapp, you can hide your last seen, blue tick, double tick as well as the typing or a lot more.
  • You can handle multiple accounts with the help of this application.
  • Gbwhatsapp provides 100+ languages to chat as well as to interact with others.
  • You can send 90+ images to anyone at a time which is far better than WhatsApp.
  • It is a third-party app but you don’t have to worry to root your device to install it.
  • You can install this even after the installation of WhatsApp without clashing with one another.
  • You can change the WhatsApp theme and create your own symbol.
  • Auto Reply
  • DND Mode
  • New Notify Icons
  • New Emojis
  • Share Live Location (Same as Facebook Messenger)
  • Image & Video Filters Added
  • More Tweaks Added
  • New Themes
  • Group Description
  • New Launcher Icons
  • Schedule Multiple Contacts
  • Up To 100 Documents at Once
  • Custom Anti Revoke Feature
Features In Details

Features Of GBWhatsapp Latest Apk

Above I already tell you about the New Features of GbWhatsapp apk, But here I will explain in Details About Every Feature of GB Whatsapp apk. After Knowing The Features of GB whatsapp you can’t stop yourself from using Gbwhatsapp 7.70 version.

Hide Yourself

gbwhatsapp features

Sometimes you just want to hide your activity and don’t want to show your contact that you are online and 1 more interesting things you can also control the setting of double clicks and blue ticks as well.

No sending storage Limit

gbehatsapp features

if we compare sending data of official whatsapp tp Gbwhatsapp apk, then whatsapp apk allow only 16mb files to be transferred but you can send up to 1 GB data using Gbwhatsapp apk.

Custom Privacy

gbwhatsapp features

Everyone talks about its’ pricy, is it safer to use? There is much negativity about this app, let me clear gbwhatsapp is safer the Official whatsapp app.

Disable voice/video calls

gb whatsapp features

if you don’t want to answer your girlfriends/friends/family call then you can temporarily disable that contact to call you.

Whatsapp Stories Download

gb whatsapp features

Same As Instagram Now you can download whatsapp stories as well using Gbwhatsapp 7.70 version.


gb whatsapp features

Just like any auto-reply bot you can also enable auto-reply option on Gbwhatsapp app apk.

Group members limit

gbwhatsapp features

You can only add 256 members in the whatsapp app but gbwhatsapp allows 600 members in a single group. so if you are group admin then shift to gbwhatsapp and manage so many people in a single group.

Schedule message option


I am such a big fan of these Gbwhatsapp features because I always forget to wish my friends on their birthday but using Gbwhatsapp you can schedule your birthday wishes to anyone.

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Copy Everything

If you notice when you copying more than 1 message on your whatsapp it’s also copied your username and time but using GBWhatsapp you can copy anything you want and pest multiple messages to anyone.

Theme Looks

You can design your theme of gbwhatsapp, yes you can customize your gbwhatsapp theme in any color as you want.

Send Any Types Of File


gbwhatsapp can allow any type of media or documents file transfer. the best part is that you can even send zip ank .apk file too.

Pin your favorites

Are you forget important chats or want to remember any important file aur passwords then with GBWhatsapp you can pin unlimited chats.

GBWhatsapp Versus Whatsapp ap

GBWhatsapp vs whatsapp infographic


Download GBWhatsapp Latest Apk

It’s very simple to download and install Gbwhatsapp. It is as simple and operational as WhatsApp with great features.

  1. Download Gb whatsapp from below given link.
  2. after downloading click to install it. Wait for a minute as it will take some to install it.
  3. After installation click to open it do as it asks to do.
  4. As you open it it will ask you to enter your mobile number to make an account.
  5. Wait for the OTP confirmation.
  6. Then after otp confirmation, your gbwhatsapp account is ready to use.
  7. To use two WhatsApp on the same phone you need to enter different mobile numbers and you can enjoy two accounts on the same phone.


How to Install GbWhatsapp Apk

  1. First Of All Download Gb Whatsapp From Our Website.
  2. In Case Your Unknown source Option Is Not Enable then Enable it before downloading.
  3. Click on The install after downloading.
  4. Proceed to Next.
  5. Yeeee, You Successfully install the app.

Certainly, there will not be a single Smartphone user who would not be aware of WhatsApp or not using the app as it is the leading messaging and calling application used by more than 100 million people all over the world.

It is the best platform to interact with others worldwide.

WhatsApp is certainly the first app that is installed by everyone after getting a new Smartphone as it is one of the most systematic applications used for messaging with amazing features.

But, there are some limits in the official app. To get rid of those limits you need Gbwhatsapp. It is the most preferred WhatsApp Mod liked by tons of users.

Download GBwhatsapp now or continue reading its features below.

Features to unleash in GBWhatsApp Latest Version

GBWhatsApp holds the number one position when it comes to the category of WhatsApp Mods as it offers loads of excellent features.

Many GBWhatsApp users who used the application had an enhanced experience as compared to the official version of WhatsApp.

GBWA comes with an added advantage that is, it lets the users use WhatsApp with two numbers. We can assure you that you will enjoy the amazing features of GBWA.

GBWhatsapp Features

Just try GBWA once and discover the new WhatsApp experience on a higher level. List of some prominent features that will surely give you the joy of using this app after installing it.

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Excellent Themes

This app comes with lots of excellent themes. You can customize the themes the way you want to. It lets you create personal themes especially for the community of GBWhatsApp.

Privacy Mods

GBWA contains a number of privacy mods which you can utilize to keep your last seen status hidden and also hide blue tick, double tick along with online status. The additional option comprises of status privacy.

Anti-ban & Secure

The version is absolutely anti-ban WhatsApp mod version.

Thus, you do not need to think of getting your account banned or suspended.

Data privacy is similar to stock Whatsapp and therefore there are no chances of your chats being accessed by anyone including the developer.

Message Scheduler

The inbuilt GBWhatsApp message scheduler is the new feature introduced that helps schedule the message automatically for particular contacts.

It will directly send the message automatically as per the scheduled time.

Extra Mods

It also comprises many other mods that are amazing to use.

All these mods contribute to an enhanced experience with WhatsApp.

GBWA has millions of fans and a large number of people install it every month.

The increasing number of users connecting with GBWhatsApp is because of its recognition.

Some additional mods are listed below…

Additional Features

Some of the excellent features are mentioned below

  • 50 MB size videos can be sent.
  • The status character limit has increased to 255.
  • Sending the broadcast to 600 members is possible.
  • 90 images can be sent in a single click.
  • The limit for the group name is now extended to 35 characters.

Undoubtedly Whatsapp is used by almost all Smartphone users and due to the features provided by WhatsApp Mods, it is preferred more over the official version of WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp is known to be secure and well-known among all others.

How to Install GBWhatsApp Apk without Losing Chats on Android?

Just Follow These Step By Step Process To Install GbWhatsapp Without losing any of your chats. I personally tested this method and it’s working fine from my side.

  • First of all Download GB whatsapp Latest version from our website.
  • Now please don’t open GBwhatsapp after downloading it.
  • Now open the official whatsapp app.
  • Now got the menu Option.
  • Now click on setting.

gbWhatsapp download

  • Now Click On Chats
  • Goto Chat Backup option.

chat backup option

  • Now Click On Backup Button


  • After Processing Done.Open Gb whatsapp on your android phones
  • Now Click On Copy Whatsapp Data

copy whatsapp data

  • Now Enter phone Numbers, verify it via otp.
  • Now Restored Backup Option Appear.
  • Click on the restored option.

Click on Restored option

  • After clicking on the restore option, it’s started restoring your previous whatsapp data.
  • Now you can see your old whatsapp chats.

How to Registered Your Number In Gb Whatsapp Apk

  • Enter Your Number.
  • Confirm Your number
  • Enter OTP
  • If You Are already install whatsapp using this number then you will see your profile and name.
  • Click next
  • Proceed To Done.


It seems from the above contradiction that there is no objection to having Gbwhatsapp over WhatsApp. From the safety purpose to hidden features it has great advantages over WhatsApp.You can freely lock your chats with different passwords and you can also hide chats. With features, it comes security also. So everyone can download and enjoy it freely.

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