Get a Premium Crate in PUBG Mobile for Free

How to get a Premium Crate in PUBG Mobile for Free?

Get a Premium Crate in PUBG Mobile for Free- PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is a massively popular action-packed last man survivor game in the world. The game is widely popular across all platforms with millions of its crazy fans. The game has got a lot of tricks, items, weapons, upgrades to make the gameplay more exciting for the regular players. Today, we will show you the way to get Premium Crate and free Uc in the PUBG game.

PUBG is a free-to-play game allowing users to download and install the game for free. Pubg Players can play the game for free unlimitedly with basic things. However, to power up yourself and to upgrade your weapons and other things, you have to visit the in-game purchase section from where you can purchase useful things as per your needs.

The types of Premium Crates in the game changes constantly. The makers are also holding special events for the regular players who can take part in the events and can get the items for free. Depending on the situation, you can get the Premium Crates for free or with the discounted price tag from the in-game purchases. You can purchase PUBG items by spending BP I.e. virtual currency for the game.

Apparently, there’s no way to get the Premium Crates for free in the PUBG game. However, you can get them by using some tricks and different methods which are enlisted below. Many players have been actively posting their views and experiences getting the Premium Crates. Some tricks work for them while others just don’t. You can try out various tricks to get them for free.

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How to get Premium Crates in PUBG for free?

As mentioned above, there’s no way to get the Premium Crates in the PUBG game for free officially. However, people have discovered some methods and listed them on various forum sites and platforms to help the other players. Let’s discuss some of the tricks which you can use to get the Premium Crates.

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The most common method to get the Premium Crate in the PUBG game is by using the Scrap Coupan. You can get the Scrap Coupon when you play the game. There is a limit to getting the scrap coupon and for that, you will have to wait for some hours. Usually, the method takes up to 24 hours.

PUBG also offers special discounts on the purchase items on special occasions. If you wish to get the Premium Crates, you can explore its official forum site regularly from where you can get the tricks and different methods for free.

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Basic Methods to get Premium Crates

Thousands of players follow the regular methods to achieve Premium Crates in the PUBG game. If you are a patient guy who can wait for the right time, then you should follow these methods which can get you the Premium Crates.

  1. By completing the short missions

To get the premium items for free in the game, you will have to finish the regular missions. The game offers daily small missions that can get you the best of rewards and premium items for free. By completing regular missions, you will also be mastered with the gameplay.

  1. By spending silver fragments

You can spend silver fragments to get the Premium Crates in the game for free.

  1. By completing Royale Pass Missions

You can even get the Premium Crates by completing Royale Pass Missions. If you wish to get the Crates for free, you have to do a lot of work and that’s the only legit way to get Premium Crates for free.

Alternatively, there are many websites and hacks available on the market claiming that you can get the Premium Crates for PUBG for free. They are not legit and there’s no proven way to explore them.

Can I Unlock the Premium Crates?

Of course! You can unlock the Premium Crates by using the special keys. You can purchase the unlock keys for the type of Premium Crate you want from the in-game purchases. It costs $2.50 only!

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