High-Tech Cribs on Exams

High-Tech Cribs on Exams

High-Tech Cribs on Exams –  What makes almost all test takers cheat on exams is their inexpugnable desire to get a top grade with minimum effort. With the introduction of innovative technology, they got the countless amount of ways to cheat on tests. Modern digital techs allow students to pass important exams even when examiners don’t take their cross-hairs off them.

Cheat sheets and crib-books are now old hats. Modern students got ahead, and now they take advantage of professional writing services like Pro-Papers, and high-tech ways of cheating. Today, they can cheat with their smartphones, tablets, e-books, and so forth.

Every test taker has a chance to order various devices, developed specifically for cheating on tests, from numerous online stores. These include glasses, watches, pens, headphones, etc. There are even clothes equipped with Bluetooth techs. The variety of choices truly amazes me.

Only a decade ago, students couldn’t even dream of this number of opportunities: the variety of cribs was limited to cheat sheets and crib-books only. But today, using high-tech cribs is not something unusual. Here are some techs widely used by students for cheating on exams nowadays.

Sunglasses Equipped with a Camera

Of course, wearing sunglasses during exams is not that easy. However, if test-takers are lucky enough to find a way to wear them for their tests, they are going to succeed for sure. These glasses come with spy cams that allow recording and taking pictures of exam questions, transmitting them, and receiving answers through other connected techs or on the lenses themselves.

Earpieces with Bluetooth

Since earpieces are small in size and can be easily inserted in-ears to remain unnoticed by others, they are very popular with many modern students. The main idea behind using them for cheating is to listen to pre-recorded answers to the test questions during an exam or to receive calls from peers sitting in a neighboring classroom and dictating the right answers. Earpieces with Bluetooth modules should be connected to smartphones or tablets to receive signals from them.

Digital Pens

Nowadays, students can give up their old-fashioned pens in favor of high-tech ones. These pens look very similar to those you got used to writing with before; however, everything students write with these pens is transmitted on the screens of their smartphones and tablets. For instance, when test-takers write their test questions on a sheet of paper, they immediately appear on their devices. And with the help of an auto-sync feature, their peers will be able to get these questions and send them the right answers in return.

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UV Pens

Except for digital pens, which test takers use for cheating on tests, there are also UV ones. The main feature of a UV pen is that what it writes is invisible to everybody. In fact, this piece looks like a regular pen we use in our daily life; however, inside it has invisible ink. Everything written with this pen can be seen only when disposed to the UV light, which is found on the top of the pen and can be activated when pressing a specific button. Students use this tech for creating cheat sheets with formulas, various data, etc.

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Smart Watches

Another option to benefit from on exams is smartwatches. They allow downloading a limitless number of cheat sheets and images. There is a built-in panic button that can be used for blocking all smart functions if needed. When blocked, smartwatches look like regular devices that show nothing but time.

Since it is too risky to use this kind of watch when an instructor stands behind, an increasing number of students tend to turn to devices equipped with invisible screens. To read from them, users have to wear special glasses. Without the latter, the screens seem to be inactive.

Magic Calculators

These devices look like many other simple calculators; however, they come with hidden functions. A magic calculator can be transformed into a book reader with a press of a specific button. This allows students to use this tech for storing and checking their notes. As it comes with a fast scrolling speed, users can read and write down their notes very fast. For more convenient use, it allows adjusting a brightness level and comes with an emergency button, which brings the tech into a calculator mode in no time.

Mathpix App

Those who are about to take a math exam should definitely download this app on their smartphones. It helps students to solve handwritten math problems with ease. As soon as users snap pictures of their equations, they get step-by-step solutions followed by simple and effective instructions. This app supports fractions, roots, arithmetic, derivatives, and much more. Therefore, it comes to good use not only on exams but also when getting ready for math classes.

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There is no better way to get ready for an exam than to learn all the materials by heart. However, it happens that students don’t have either time or desire to swot for their tests. In such cases, they have to look for creative ways of cheating. The high-tech cribs mentioned above are good tools to take advantage of. Cheat sheets and crib books hidden in socks and pockets pale in comparison to these techs.

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