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How to Buy UC in PUBG using Paytm?

Buy PUBG UC through Paytm – PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is undoubtedly the best action game in the world. The game is gaining more popularity day by day as it receives regular updates with new weapons, new items and skills and much more. It offers a realistic shooting experience with exciting survival gameplay to make the most of your time.

You will get plenty of rewards in the game for free. However, there are some premium items which can be bought using UC I.e. Unknown Currency. If you wish to add some extra UC to your account, then you can easily do so by using your Paytm wallet. If you are searching for the right way to Buy UC in PUBG using Paytm, then here we have prepared a detailed buying guide for you.

The following steps and information will give you the best of the information about adding extra UC using Paytm wallet and how you can buy things by spending it.

Paytm is India’s most popular Online Payment Methods which lets you send money and buy things right from your mobile phones easily. It offers a seamless interface and integration with many mobile apps for both, Android and iOS platforms. Recently, Paytm has started offering this service for the Players of the PUBG game to buy UC directly from the Paytm Wallet money.

Why should I use Paytm to buy UC?

Most of the players have one question in common and I.e. why should I use Paytm to buy UC? Well, the reason is simple. Paytm offers seamless integration with an easy process to buy UC for the game. Additionally, Paytm has recently collaborated with the game and as a promotional offer, you will get an extra 15 UC to compare to other payment services.

Currently, when you pay Rs. 79 to buy UC, you will get only 60 UC. However, when you pay through Paytm, you will get 60 UC+ 15 UC extra. This is the reason why many of the PUBG players turned to Paytm to buy UC as they get 15 UC extra which can be spent to buy suitable things within the game.

If you are excited to know how you can use this Paytm Wallet to buy UC in PUBG, then here are the guidelines to follow.

Steps to buying UC using Paytm


The first thing you need to do is head over to the official Pubgmobile page. The link is given below to redirect on the official page from where you can buy UC.

Go to:

Step 2:

If you have linked your PUBG Mobile account to Facebook, then there is an option to log in directly via the Facebook button. Either way, you can log in manually by providing your login credentials associated with the Game. You can also use your Player ID to log in.

Step 3:

Go to the top left section where you can see your Player ID in the menu. You will see a lot of options there when you open the menu.

Step 4:

The system will itself recognizes your Nickname which you are using while playing the game on your smartphone.

Step 5:

Now, go to the main purchase menu where you should see Payment methods which include Paytm. You have to select the Paytm option from the given options.

Steep 6:

Once you select Paytm as a payment method for buying UC for the given Player ID, you will be asked to enter your Email ID and Phone Number associated with your Paytm account. Make sure you enter the correct ID and Phone number. You will receive an OTP which you have to enter in the field to make the final payment.

That’s all you have to do to buy UC using Paytm in PUBG mobile game. The process is pretty easy and you can quickly by and add extra UC to your game to buy extra things.

Once you are done with the process, you can head over to the PUBG Mobile game and see if the account is credited with the purchased UC or not. Paytm offers extra 5 UC for every transaction so it is highly recommended Payment Gateway for purchasing UC if you are a pro-gamer.

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How To Purchase uc Via Paytm

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