How to Eat in a Foreign Country When You Have Children

How to Eat in a Foreign Country When You Have Children

When you’re visiting a foreign country, one of the last things you want to worry about is finding where to eat. Looking for a great place to eat is difficult enough when you’re searching for just yourself; having your children with you can bring even more complications and stress.

If you’re looking for advice on what the best options to find the perfect meals for you and your children are in a foreign country, this list will clarify all your worries and prepare you for an amazing trip ahead!

1) Avoid Street Food

When you’re traveling through a foreign country and feel like you don’t have enough time to find a restaurant, especially one all your children will love, you may be tempted to buy from the plethora of street food options.

This can lead to may issues especially in foreign countries where oversight on food safety can be at a minimum for these types of food vendors. If your child has allergies or a sensitive stomach, buying from a food vendor could be dangerous due to mistaken contamination or poor quality control.

Even though street food may seem tempting and time-saving, there are many fast options that are guaranteed to be more safe, and delicious for yourself and your children.

2) Buy Food Directly From a Market

Who says you can’t treat buying food in a foreign country like you’re buying food at home? There are always delicious (and safe) local markets and in many countries, supermarkets, where you can choose all the food your children love.

This can save you lots of time during the day, as you can pack meals while you’re on the go and not have to worry about finding food while you’re adventuring. You will also have peace of mind knowing exactly what you’re giving your children, and having the ability to make exactly what your children love to eat.

3) Find the Perfect Restaurant Using EatApp

When you’re in a foreign country one of the most exciting parts is trying the unique cuisine, while also treating yourself to not worry about cooking or preparing food.

The best app you can use to find and reserve the perfect restaurant for you and your children is EatApp. EatApp is a restaurant reservation software, that allows you to manage reservations, search through menus, and even book an Uber to the restaurant!

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If your children are picky eaters, EatApp allows you to look through the children’s menus and even communicate with the restaurant about your reservation and ask any questions you may have.

Everything you need to find, book, get to, and enjoy all the restaurants you want, can be found on EatApp. We highly recommend trying as many restaurants as possible in a foreign country and EatApp is guaranteed to make everything easier and far more enjoyable.

4) Order All-Inclusive Packages at Your Hotel

A smart choice, especially for breakfasts, is to book an all-inclusive package when staying at a hotel. Hotel restaurants are a fantastic option and many offer a wide range of food options that your children will love.

We find waking up and knowing your breakfast is just a walk away, to be a great way to start every day and will relieve lots of stress throughout your day. Many restaurants have lunch and dinner options as well and could be great options to explore further, depending on how close your hotel is to wherever you’re mainly visiting.

5) Find a Hotel With a Kitchen

Another fantastic choice if you want peace of mind of exactly what you’re feeding your children, and want to save some money, is to find a hotel with a kitchen you can use. Having a kitchen at your hotel can allow you to make all your children’s favorite foods just like if they’re back home.

This is a great option if you want to let your children take naps while you cook dinner, or want to cook breakfast and make lunches without worrying about where to find the perfect meal. Also, the money you save can allow you to splurge on whatever else catches your interest while abroad!

6) Order Food From Restaurants Online

Lastly, a quick and great way to get you and your children just what you want, without ever having to cook or leave your room, is to order food from a restaurant online. There are many apps that allow for online food delivery and EatApp is again a fantastic choice in searching for the perfect restaurant to order your meals from.

After a long day of exploring, you can relax in your room and have just what you want to be delivered fast and just how you’d like. Making your children happy is what parents strive to do most, and taking away the stress of finding a restaurant you can trust, while also getting incredible food, is what makes EatApp such a fantastic option no matter where you are.

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