How to get freeM clothes in pubg

How to get Free Clothes in the PUBG Game?

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround has a variety of premium items that can be purchased online for your gaming account. If we talk about the various skins, you can get different types of cloths, gun skins and many other premium things to improve your character and its personality.

If you are a regular player of the PUBG game and searching for ways to get Free Clothes in PUBG Game, then here we have prepared detailed guidelines for you. Follow these guidelines to get Free Clothes in the PUBG game.

What are Cloth Skins in the PUBG Game?

PUBG game offers a wide range of clothes for different types of users and their suitable characters. The game also lets players customize their pubg skins so that they can get the best of look. Some clothes come with backpacks and other useful things to improve your performance during the game. For that reason, you need to be equipped with some of the most powerful and suitable clothes.

Talking about the other objects, you will get different types of crates, weapons, tools, and many more items from the Steam Marketplace. Anything can be purchased from the game’s BP I.e. Battle Points which you can earn by completing daily missions and short missions.

Here, we have listed down all the possible ways with which you can get the PUBG Clothes for free.

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Get Free Clothes in the PUBG Game

  1. By Completing Daily Sign-ins

When you sign in to the game using your login credentials, it will help you earn some reward points. Yes, you can earn daily reward points by signing to the game regularly. In order to earn reward points, make sure you don’t skip the sign in to the game daily. Often the reward comes as Battle Points which can help you purchasing your favorite Clothes in the game.

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Sometimes, you will also get Crates as a reward by completing the daily sign-ins in the game. You can open the Crate and receive some free clothes for your character.

  1. By Completing the Daily Missions

Did you know you can take part in the daily mission to earn reward points and in-game currencies? If you play the PUBG game regularly, then you need to finish the daily missions as you will get plenty of useful items for free.

Go to the main menu and click the Missions button. The daily tasks option will be there which updates daily and adds up new missions there. Focus on the tasks which can earn you crates. You can get free clothes from the Crates earned by you by completing the daily missions.

  1. Buy Crates

The most common and easiest way to get Free Clothes in the PUBG game is by buying the Crates. You can buy crates with battle points. You just need to open the Crate and you will be able to receive free clothes.

Just go to the Main Menu of the game and select the Supplies section from the page. You can explore different types of Crates in the section which can be bought using the Battle Points. Depending upon your requirements, you can get the suitable Crate from the available options using the BP.

  1. Buy Crates with UC

Unknown Currency is also helpful to buy useful things within the game. If you have earned enough UC and want to purchase Uc out things, you can get Free UC And the Crates from the main menu. Focus on the crates which can get you free clothes.

You can purchase Unknown Cash from the in-game purchase section using your debit or credit card and that is how you can get the Clothes. Unknown Currency always there for you when you are in need of purchasing premium items from the game’s in-game purchases.

  1. Loot

Looting is yet another most common and easiest way to get premium items for free within the game. If you are fond of playing the game and spend most of your time by exploring the battles and different maps of the game, then you will get extra reward points. You can also take part in the loot which can help you earn good rewards which you can spend to buy clothes.

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These are some of the free and premium methods available for the Players of the PUBG game to get the Clothes for their characters. All of the above-listed methods are proven by professional gamers and they are following these methods daily to earn more BP.

The best way to get premium items in the PUBG game is by using the Crate coupons. You can open Premium Crate or Classic Crate in the game for free with the help of the Silver Frags. This will get you many premium items available in the Crate section of the game.

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