How To Make Free Videos For YouTube?

YouTube has become a prime channel for study and relaxation. You can see many video tutorials to help you to get tips or guide you. Without using a studio or even a video camera, this tutorial will help you produce a high-quality YouTube tutorial. You should know that YouTube has a crucial function, like translating the captions. So, from all over the world, the viewers can understand the given message through the video. Subtitles also help you to make YouTube tutorials searchable, and easily people can find them. Most of the people don’t like to watch a video that is so long. In under 6 minutes— It’s best to keep the length of the video.

Nowadays, we mostly use these video tutorials to share knowledge. It helps businesses market and their brands. Besides this, for the customers, it provides more practical documentation. Even if it’s not so expensive or difficult to do. In this article, we are discussing the basics. This will get you the information you need to make an amazing YouTube video yet. We have got you covered from planning to editing. You can opt for video making tools like VideoCreek to create stunning videos with ease.

Prepare to record

Video Outline:

In the right way, to prepare the outline for your video, you can use bullet-points and numbers. Manage the Text to create the flow of the message you are going to deliver. It must be read many times over and forward yourself with it.


Make the tutorial more stunning with callouts. It comes up with video illustrations such as some flash effects, Text, pictures, or PowerPoint slides. Prepare the subjects you wish to add to the video. Then make sure that someone can combine them.

Now you know how to prepare a record, here are some simple steps for


Separate your recordings:

It’s vital to record the audio instructions and video tutorial separately in two files while recording. You can record the video tutorial first. Then, you should record the audio instructions. This will be helpful to you to reduce the mistakes and to edit time.

Recording video:

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You should always be careful about the recording of the video tutorial.

  • To make an attractive video, focus on each step of it.
  • Try not to create any errors. Don’t do anything unnecessary.
  • Perform your steps. Simply as much as possible, you can.
  • Don’t expect miracles. Always remember that practice makes perfect. So never give up!

Recording Voice:

Before the voice recording, you should write the video transcript. To reduce mistakes, it is better to study from the transcript file. You should try to record clearly in a natural voice. It will be best to record in a quiet room. When you are concentrating on something, you should remember to control your voice while adding stress.

Editing of the recorded files is also an important aspect we will talk about now:

Editing the recorded file:

Dimensions and Clip Speeds:

  • Select the dimension for editing from your available dimensions. The best dimension for your video— 1280×720.

Callout and Effects:

To confirm that all the activities in the video have stopped, the callout appears.

  • To insert a callout, add an extended frame.
  • To be sure about the callout, the length of the extended frame should be enough for people. Normally it is preferable: 3 to 5 seconds.

Zooming and Transition:

When you show a website URL or enter Text, use the zoom function.

  • Between different parts of the video, you can use transition effects.
  • Some favorite effects are Cube rotate, Fade through black, Page turn, Fade.

Exporting Your Video:

Here is how you can export into a high-quality video; following these—

  • Click to Edit or Add preset. To create the new production preset, choose New and can add the name as you wish, as an example “Custom HD.”
  • Make the subtitle file for your YouTube video. Making subtitles in SRT format is the best thing you can do.
  • AVI will help you to make high-quality videos with true brightness. So Don’t forget to choose AVI as your file format for the video.
  • To produce a nice, small size video, provide the frame rate at 15 frames per second (fps). Though the best rate is 30 fps, this can be problematic as the video will be so large.
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Tutorial Title and Description:

Content and keywords should be included in the title of your tutorial. Describe the video shortly, in your description, including your link in the top three lines so that all viewers can follow it without clicking “show more.” In the same topics, Tags can quickly help your video be visible with other videos and attract more of the same viewers. It is essential to add tags for the Youtube video tutorial. Make also the Youtube video tutorial be public. Add annotations also for the Youtube video tutorial.

Well, we have completed creating a high-quality YouTube tutorial with some software and only a computer. So, get ready to make your tutorial now. Or, it is already made and has the options to share everywhere with its attractive look. Also, make sure that you have created a YouTube intro.

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