Free Data Recovery Software

How to Recover Data for Free: Restore Lost Or Deleted Data

Free Data Recovery Software – We know that the data once delete permanently from the system can still be recovered. However, you would have to shell out money to get those lost files since trained professionals recover the data for you.

This is no longer the case since the lost data can be recovered by yourself without paying anything.

Today, we will discuss free data recovery software available to recover your precious data.

No one can be perfect and accidents happen.

You accidentally delete a file or an entire folder which was not supposed to be deleted or had some important information.

There is no need to panic since that data can be recovered easily with data recovery software free of cost.

Free Data Recovery Software

Ways to Recover Data

There are 3 ways to recover your deleted data out of which using recovery software is one of them.

The other two are, restore data from Recycle Bin (if there is an option) and restore windows to a previously saved restore point.

Let’s discuss the restore windows option in detail since it is the easiest way apart from the recovery software method.

Before we start this method, you need to know a couple of things.

First, the location of the deleted file or folder and second is that windows restore points are set up to create restore points on a periodic basis for the current operating system.

Moving on, this is an easy 3 step process:

Step 1: Click on ‘Start’ and then ‘Computer’.

Step 2: Navigate to the deleted file or folder location.

Step 3: Right-click and then click on ‘Properties.

A new window will open, where you need to select the ‘Previous Versions’ tab.

In this tab, you will find all the previous versions along with deleted files or folders with their time stamps.

Choose the version or the file you need and click on ‘Restore’ to recover the deleted files back.

One important thing you need to know is that this method is not feasible in case of a drive or partition format.

Using Data Recovery Software

Coming to the final method, data recovery software is being used more often these days to recover deleted files.

This is also an easy 3-step recovery process.

Firstly, you would need to prepare a few things before we begin the recovery process; like downloading and installing the particular software you wish to use on your desktop.

There are a few hand-picked software that is famous and worth the while using them.

One such software has been mentioned here.

You can download this best of all software from the link mentioned above free of cost.

Install the file by following the instructions provided and you are good to go.

Now let’s discuss the actual recovery procedure:

Step 1: Launch the recovery software and select the storage location of your deleted files and click ‘Scan’

Step 2: The Software will scan the targeted location to search for lost and deleted files on the disk.

Step 3: Select the files that are recoverable and then click on ‘Recover’.

That’s it!!
You are done recovering the files now.

You have an option to select the destination folder for your recovered files and folders too and save them.

Final Thoughts

Data recovery can be done totally free of cost with this amazing free data recovery software.

So, don’t go running behind professionals who would charge you to recover them.

This is an easy process and only requires basic system knowledge

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