How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone

Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone – Is there any way to recover contacts from the iPhone itself? I unintentionally deleted my all contacts from my iPhone, and I did not remember how to recover those deleted contact back with iCloud or iTunes. At this time I need my all contacts immediately, but I have observed that I have no anyway for the restoration of my deleted data about an iPhone. Is that really? Is there any way to recover my contacts from iPhone without backup? Tell me the solution if you have.

This is just an experience of a person I have shared but I know such incidents happen daily with hundreds one who is using the iPhone. If you think that you will find no way to recover iPhone contacts without iCloud or iTunes backup is absolutely incorrect. Because of the unique technological innovation of iOS devices, you cannot recover deleted iPhone contacts directly from your iPhone by yourself, but it is not difficult now. There is indeed such a software that permits you to recover contacts from iPhone without iTunes or iCloud backup files:  this is made possible by a Wondershare softwar4e company with Dr.fone.

Having your data deleted from your iPhone is a typical factor these times, and when this happens, you look out for a simplest and most secure technique to recover the contents as soon as possible. The most severe aspect is, when you missing contacts on iPhone, your appearance and experience absolutely trapped, and without any recovery technique, the only choice you are having is to hold back for the others contact you so you can save their data again.

To help you come out of such frustrating situations, different methods on how to recover deleted contacts from iPhone is possible with then Dr.fone- recover iOS.

How to Recover Removed Contacts from iPhone without the Backup

If you want to restore your deleted iPhone contacts, you should keep in mind that you must not use your iPhone for anything after you missing your contacts, because any function may overwrite the missing contacts on your iPhone. Better to turn your iPhone off until you have restored your deleted iPhone contacts.

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Step 1. Link your iPhone to the personal computer

In the first step you need to connect your iPhone to your personal computer, and then run Dr.fone- recover iOS. You will see a dashboard where you will find different options. Now select “Recover” option from Dr.fone- recover iOS dashboard.

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone

 Step No 2. Examine deleted contacts

In this step just click the “Start Scan” option after selecting the “Contacts” option now select the option  “Deleted Data from the Device”. Your software will start scanning your iPhone for deleted contacts.

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone

 Step 3. Review & recover deleted contacts from iPhone without backup

When you have completed the scanning process, you can preview your data and all other options. Nos choose “Contacts” and you are able to preview your all deleted contacts with all its addresses and job titles and more.

The data discovered here contains all those contacts you have on your iPhone now. If you like to recover your deleted contacts from iPhone, click “Recover to Device”. You can also recover your all iPhone contacts disappeared to your personal computer.

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone

Restore Contacts from iCloud Backup

In this method, you can easily restore your all data including contacts. However, you should bear in mind some preconditions as give below:


  • You must have secured your data to iCloud account.
  • Your iPhone or any iOS device must have the latest iOS operating system.
  • Your iPhone or any iOS device should be connected with internet.

Now follow the Process

Here we will guide you step-by-step some steps to follow for restoring your deleted contacts from iCloud backup after meeting all above-mentioned preconditions:

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone

  • In this first step, you should Turn on your iPhone or any iOS device.
  • Now make sure that your iPhone or any iOS device is connected Online with internet connections. If it is not, connect it before continuing to the next step.
  • In this step from Desktop, go to Setting’ option the go-to iCloud.

On the iCloud screen, turn your Contacts option off.

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone

Now tap ‘Keep on My iPhone’ option to leave your present contacts in your iPhone unchanged.

Now, wait for the process until the Contacts app changes off efficiently.

  • when the process is done, now turn your contacts back on to slide the corresponding button on right side.
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How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone

  • In this process, you will see in the pop-up box all your contact recovered from your iCloud backup. Now merge them with the present ones on your iPhone.

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