How to Stop Spotify from opening on startup Mac

How to Stop Spotify from opening on startup Mac

Spotify is a famous application of an audio streaming platform. It is a Swedish based auto streaming and media service, provider. It is launched in India on 31st January 2019. In this application, we can listen to several types of songs, several types of podcasts according to our interests.

Spotify is the world’s biggest streaming service. It is like other songs application but it is much broader than those applications. You can easily find Spotify on Google play store. More than 500 million people downloaded this app from the play store. Millions of songs are free on Spotify.  Spotify has over 40 million songs in India now. After downloading this app you have to sing in this app from Facebook or your Gmail account whichever you like according to your preference.

Songs are available in so many different languages you can choose the songs according to your preference. You can also choose your favorite singers. You can also create your own library of songs. You can get Premium also on this app. Under the premium ship of this app, you will get high-quality audio you can listen to the songs without add and you can also download the songs. After the subscription, there are 30 days free option is available on this app.

You may have downloaded many applications on your computer. Many applications add themselves to the boot process for different reasons, which may bog down the boot proses. Some applications are useful but not all applications like Spotify If you downloaded the Spotify app on your Mac computer, whenever you start up your computer app will also open. This default setting can easily be changed within the Spotify app or by using Mac’s system preferences.

Many people facing the same problem. Spotify Open automatically on the startup of the computer. The reason is still unknown but it happened after auto-update. If you are facing the same problem then don’t worry follow the certain steps and stop Spotify from opening on the Mac.

  1. Launch the Spotify application on your Mac computer. First, you have to search for it by using spotlights (command + space).

Or you can find it by using finder > Applications.

  1. Select the Spotify and from the menu and click on preferences.
  2. After selecting the preference scroll down the page and click on “Show Advanced Settings.”
  3. Find out the startup and Window Behavior.
  4. Click on the drop-down menu and select “No”.

Spotify will not open on your Mac computer.

Your Mac computer will start hiding your apps now upon the startup of your computer. You can easily find your Spotify app by using the spotlight or by searching it on your applications folder. Once you select the setting it is saved  Spotify no longer automatically launch after starting the computer. It is known that all tracks from Spotify are armed with DRM protection. So, you are unable to transfer and enjoy the Spotify music on an MP3 player or a CD.

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