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IOTransfer 3: Media Files Manager for iOS Devices

Apple devices are popular because of their stunning build quality and superior performance. IOS users make use of different things right from their devices. If you are using an iOS device and worried about managing different types of media files stored in your iPhone or iPad device, then here’s a special file management tool available for you. IOTransfer 3 is the most suited iPhone Manager which is there to manage the files stored in your iOS device. You will get to know more about this software along with a tutorial to make use of it on a respective PC system.

iotransfer 3

IOTransfer 3: Key Features

  1. Easy to use Interface

IOTransfer 3 software is designed for Windows users. If you are working on a Windows PC and using an iPhone or iPad device, you can easily connect your device with the system to start the management of your files stored in the device.

The software serves a user-friendly interface making it easier for the users to make use of this software easily. The software lets users transfer all types of media files and documents from the device to the PC and vice versa. The software allows you to share videos, Mp3 files, music, contacts, etc. The file transfer process is very fast and you can even transfer multiple files simultaneously through this software.

iotransfer 3 1

Upon launching the Software, you will see a list of useful options such as Home, Manage, Clean, Videos, AirTrans. All these features and tools let you manage the iOS files easily. The other two tools are explained below. The Clean option lets you easily clean up your iOS device. Just click this option after connecting your iOS device. The software will scan the device and will present you with the list of useless files that you can remove from the storage. This feature frees up extra space in your device.

  1. Built-in AirTrans feature for Wireless Transfer

IOS devices require a compatible USB Cable and an iTunes software to work with the files. However, this innovative software serves as an innovative feature called AirTrans. This feature lets users connect their iOS device to the PC wirelessly without the need of a USB data cable. The software lets the user transfer all types of files wirelessly.

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iotransfer 3

This feature connects your device with a Computer using the same Wi-Fi network. You can delete or copy/ paste multiple files at the same time through this AirTrans feature.

  1. Built-in Video Converter

The software also comes with a built-in Video Convert which can extract audio from video iPhone. This tool is very useful for those who really want to convert their favorite videos into Mp3 files. This Converter lets you do so. You just need to select the tool from the main page of the software, add files, and click the Convert button. The video files will be converted to the desired Mp3 or other formats in a few minutes.

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Go to: Homepage>> Select Videos>> Select Add files>> Click Convert Now button. Wait until the process is done and you will have your Video files converted on your PC system through this software. Once converted, you can easily transfer the files to any other devices easily.

  1. Free Online YouTube Downloader

Apart from the Video Converter tool, the software also features a built-in YouTube Video Downloader tool. Yes, this multi-functional software is here to take care of your basic needs and lets you download your favorite YouTube videos for free.

To do so, you just need to go to the Free Online Video Downloader’s website where you will see a clear interface of the web-based Video Downloader Software from iOTransfer. To download any of your favorite videos from YouTube, you need to go to the official YouTube’s website and select that particular video from there. Click the Address bar and copy the URL of that video.

iotransfer 3 youtube video downloader

Now, come back to the official YouTube Downloader’s website and paste the copied URL of the YouTube Video into the given field. You will have two different options, Download to iPhone/ iPad or iPod and Download to PC. As per your needs, you can select the suitable option for these two. If you want to download a video directly to your iOS device, click the first option. The second option lets you download the video on a PC system.

Select the desired option, and the downloading process of the video will begin itself. The process will take a few minutes of time and the video will be downloaded to the selected location.

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What’s new about this video downloader software is that it lets you download videos quickly on an iOS device or on a PC system. Apart from this, the same software supports multiple Video websites, you can copy the URL of the videos and can start Downloading them. You can also download this software as an independent software for Windows systems.

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