3 Ways to use The IoTs more Efficiently to Protect your Business

As the world has rapidly changed on many fronts over the last 20 or 30 years, one thing we’ve all seen drastically change our personal and working life is the Internet.

These changes have aided is in ways we couldn’t have even imagined, with new and better changes around every corner. One-way businesses have been impacted is through The Internet of Things, which is a network of devices that connect, interact, and exchange data.

But with these new technological advances come new dangers. It was discovered recently that 58% of businesses can’t detect an Internet of a Things security breach. Of course, there are companies all across the world working to make the Internet of Things safer, secured, and of course, run better like Schneider Electric. But, there are things you could do yourself.

Below are three ways you can use The Internet of Things (IoT) smartly and efficiently for your business to make everything a little safer.

Limited Devices

Because the IoT can be accessed using any and all devices, after all, all you need is an internet connection, this could open you up to vulnerabilities. This is why you shouldn’t just let any device access the IoT at work.

Instead, either has devices only certain people can use, or provide everyone with a specific work laptop if there’s a need for them to use it. This will be much safer, because even if one device is compromised this could result in other devices being compromised, putting the work data, and personal data of employees in jeopardy. Due to this, you may face lower Internet speed, for checking internet speed you can use anywhere internet speed test online internet speed test online tools.

Separate Network

Rather than allowing these devices to access the specific network within your office, you could create another network. This would work as a guest network and would operate completely separately from the main business network.

As this can be done for IoT devices, you could create a separate, dedicated network for each device, operated by each member of staff. One of the easiest ways to protect your network from the threats that can compromise IoT devices, this is one of the best ways to keep employees using this technology safely on the premises.

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Strong Passwords

Of course, this should go without saying, but a strong, unique password is the best way to protect absolutely everything. This means that each person connecting their devices to your networks should have their own individual one. This will also be possible if you have separate networks for each employee. Also, ensure these are changed regularly to maintain tightened security.

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