Is a King-Size Mattress Really Worth It

Is a King-Size Mattress Really Worth It?

Given the ridiculous amount of time that we humans spend sleeping, it’s only natural that there seems to be a strong connection between our bed size and the degree of comfort in our life. The bigger, the better is a common misconception that often causes overspending and cramped bedrooms. So how do you choose an upgrade for your mattress to enjoy maximum benefits at a minimum cost?

Today’s market is not all about king versus queen. Mattresses come in all shapes and colors, with new, unique varieties emerging every once in a while. You might find healthy sleep websites such as if you wonder how to navigate the confusingly vast product range in a conscious and efficient manner, while this article will only focus on the size aspect.

Is a King-Size Mattress Really Worth It

What Is King-Size, Actually?

Most double beds made nowadays generally fall into one of two major categories, queen or king. Queen is the smaller variety of the two, generally measuring 60 by 80 inches. A king-sized mattress, on the contrary, is 76 by 80 inches, meaning that it is only bigger in terms of width, which translates to more personal space per person — with a king bed, each party has eight inches more at their disposal.

This is not to be confused with varieties that have another word preceding the “king” in their name, such as California King, which is narrower yet longer than a regular king-size mattress. There are also Split Kind mattresses that essentially consist of two parts, each measuring 39 by 80 inches.

What’s Good About Having a King-Sized Bed?

The key advantage of getting a king mattress is obviously the space it gives you. This fact has immense appeal to those who value some variety in sleeping positions, such as the ability to lie diagonally even when sharing the bed with another person, light sleepers who are easily awoken by an accidental touch, as well as parents who like to snuggle with their children (and, let’s admit it, pet fans who just can’t stop spoiling their furry friend).

Advanced age and chronic health problems are some other reasons why personal space can become a priority.

What’s Not So Good

Many people hesitate when it comes to possibly invest in a king mattress because. Yes, it’s generally more of an investment than a queen-size piece of similar quality and because it obviously takes up more of your living space.

More room in bed means fewer storage options unless you get a platform bed. Besides, squeezing a larger mattress into a tight space can become challenging at the installation stage, and people who move a lot usually stick with the more compact option.

Sleeping Space vs. Living Space: You Decide

If you have a lot of room to fill in your bedroom and are willing to pay for some extra inches of privacy, a king-sized mattress can be a godsend. For those with smaller premises, however, the good old queen is the go-to format.

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