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The comments are the basis of the interaction of users in social networks. Without them, social networks would not make any sense. Instagram is aware of it and that’s why from now on it allows the nested comments.

Instagram Nested Instagram

The main objective of offering multiple comments is to identify more quickly the popular comments of each publication (which will be those that get the most answers). Later on, popularity could be used to order comments within publications and offer them more visibility.

Users can see these new features implemented from version 24 of iOS and Android.

Save publications and create collections

As Instagram recently announced, it is now possible to save publications and create albums. To save a publication on Instagram, click on the icon ( ) of the bookmark, then you can create a new collection or edit one that you have created before.

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Since the new functionality was launched last December, 46% of users have saved photos in their profiles. Be it a wedding hairstyle, places to visit on your next trip or review the publications of your favorite illustrator, after all, there is always something to remember. Now you can with this #Instagram Update.

January 2017

January is a good time to launch news from an app. Users are eager to see what changes and functionalities will appear this year. Instagram has not wanted to be left behind and has improved its app with these little details:

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Quickly change Account on Instagram


Use the screen pressure to quickly change accounts. No matter what tab of the app you’re in, just tap your profile picture and a popup will appear with all the accounts you have you added to your phone.

If you only have one, obviously you will not be able to change accounts.

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December 2016

Edited: You can now save posts on Instagram simulating the social network Pinterest.

As reported by the social network, the new functionality will allow to eliminate followers, deactivate comments, respond and give like to the most relevant messages to avoid the abuse of other accounts and to be able to report offensive comments.

The app of the photographs is proposing to develop a new functionality that will automatically eliminate comments with a certain word, but the actual implementation is still to be decided.

Remove Followers

Instagram allows you to eliminate your followers. Sometimes, you get followers which is really causing a problem due to over spamming, bad commenting etc. You can eliminate as well as a block & report them to Instagram. But keep in mind, always keep your real Instagram followers which really engage with your posts.

Reply and give likes to messages

You can now like Instagram messages.

With the answer button that appears next to the Instagram messages, you can quickly reply to the person who made a comment. This button will automatically add the user name of the person who commented.

Disable comments

Thanks to its new functionality, you can deactivate the comments in your posts so that no one can comment.

November 2016

Messages that destroy after being read

Instagram has launched an update a little bit ago in which the sent messages are deleted after being read.

Betting on the ephemeral content (which lasts a short time), the social network of photographs also eliminates messages after being read and will only be effective in messages that are sent directly to other people (Instagram Direct) and never in publications, live videos or stories.

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Notified screenshots

Since very little time Instagram allows you to send ephemeral content to your friends. To avoid abuse and protect users Instagram has developed a new feature that notifies the author of a publication when another user takes a screenshot.

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