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Portable Hard Drive Recovery: What Are the Programs Suited for Mac Data Recovery?

Mac Data Recovery: So you asked yourself about external hard drive recovery software for Mac. The reason why you asked about it is pretty unclear. Perhaps you are afraid of losing data from your thousand-dollar Macbook. Perhaps you have already lost several gigabytes of data from a Mac connected drive.

Perhaps you are just curious about how different it is to recover data from Mac compared to other operating systems. If you think you have ticked at least one of those possibilities, then this article here is certainly the right article for you. For today’s article, you will learn a bit about Mac data recovery and the data recovery programs that you can use with Mac.

How different it is to recover lost files in Mac and in other operating systems?

Mac and other operating systems work under the same system (albeit with a different structure) when it comes to data recovery.

There is no significant difference between a Mac-based computer and a Windows-based computer when data recovery is concerned, so you should not have a hard time recovering lost data from a drive running Mac.

You should only be concerned if you are a program developer. Mac and Windows have two different architectures, so you need to make sure that your program can run in Mac and in Windows if you want it to be popular.

When you compare it to Linux, however, it is a different matter. Linux is an operating system that requires high skill to use it. For that very reason, there are not many Linux-based data recovery programs out there.

If you are using Linux, there is a high chance that you will not lose any sort of data on your computer (because you are already a computer pro). Even if you did lose data, some people said that you only need to do some digging in Linux to recover them. You can somewhat say Linux is a foolproof operating system on the merit that no fools can ever hope to run it.

Now that you know a bit on data recovery in Mac, here are some portable hard drive recovery programs that you can use with Mac

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The first program in this list is Recovery. Recovery is such a nice program with an easy to use interface that will definitely help you out in a pinch. Designed work both Mac and Windows, this program is a good program that can bring out the lost data in your hard drive and turn it into a clone of a sort.

Not only that the program is easy to use, but it can also conduct a deep search on your drive-in case the preliminary search yields no result. The process will take a bit of your time depending on how big the data is, but you will get all of your lost data when it is done.

The drawback is pretty clear with Recovery. The program offers a free mode and the free mode will probably the mode that you will be using. Unfortunately, the free mode is a bit restrictive in terms of size. While you can still recover data, the size of the data that you can recover is a bit limited. Avoid the free version of Recovery if you want to recover a lot of data.

Easeus is the second program that you can use both with Mac and Windows. It is no different than Recovery in terms of speed, but you can recover a whole lot of data with Easeus, certainly, another boon when compared to the small size of data you can recover with the free version of Recovery. The bad thing about Easeus is its lack of a deep-search function, meaning that it would not be able to recover ALL of the lost data.

Last but not least, there is Disk Drill. Disk Drill is the only program in this list that is exclusive to Mac. Because Apple got a strict rule on the programs that can work in Mac, you can certainly be sure that this program will be a good one for your MacOS.

It is fast, it can do a deep search, and there is no limit on the size of the file you can recover. It does not support audio and video files, though. Some people are okay with that and some are not; which part of the crowd are you in?

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Those three are the programs that you should always count on to recover files from external hard drives. Be sure to keep the programs in mind when you found yourself losing important data from your trusty Mac-based gadgets.

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