44 thoughts on “How to Get Netflix for free without credit card or Paypal [ Working ]”

  1. vipansh thakur

    nice work…but I already have Netflix account for 1 yeat.. if anyone interested can contact me…search my name in google

  2. This is a pretty stupid post. You HAVE to enter credit card information to get a free trial of Netflix ALWAYS, even if you change your email address a thousand times. They don’t give it to you until you put that information in. Oh, my bad, or you can use Paypal or a gift card… Same thing, really. You still have to have a credit card on paypal or even worse, you actually have to buy a credit card.

    Here is how you get netflix for free, or at least cheap, ya’ll.

    Go to your closest grocery store. Buy a prepaid debit card. Put however much money you want on it, but it has to be over the amount that Netflix costs. So depending on which version you would like. MAKE SURE THE CARD IS RELOADABLE, BECAUSE IF IT’S NOT RELOADABLE, THIS WILL NOT WORK.

    Ok, great, now you have a RELOADABLE prepaid debit card. I suggest finding the cheapest reloadable card that has NO fees for purchases. I typically pay $3.98, the NON reloadable are cheaper, so read the fine print on the card. Activate your card. Go to netflix. Make an account. Now spend the money on card within the month. VOILA. Rinse and repeat. And you can just make up an email address, it doesn’t call for verification. It’s a little bit of a hassle, especially if you live far from any stores, but I have one 2 minutes away so I do this every month and have been for 2 years. So, it’s not really FREE, but it’s however much the card costs. Any one got any better ideas, I would love to hear em, but this has been working out swell for me.

  3. Which DBS app it is? Because there are many apps named DBS.. and does this method work on iphone?

  4. dawnbrabyn12635

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