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Effective Criteria for Choosing the Perfect SEO Services

If you operate an online business, you probably have your eyes set on a set of keywords. You want to leverage them to get your site ranking on the super elusive first pages on leading search engines. Unless you have groomed your site’s reputation over time, you need to know how to rank tops for your intended keyword. It sounds confusing, but the good news is that it’s not impossible.

Ranking for specific keywords isn’t an assured process. You won’t get the desired ranking instantly; it takes time, especially if you want to rank for a popular keyword with your new venture. If you are a true believer in SEO, it’s not difficult but you need to know the basic of ranking for a given keyword.

Steps to Rank for a Keyword in Google

Lay the Foundation

Three are prerequisites needed before you hope to rank for a random keyword. These include:

A Robust Website – This means that you need a website that has been around for long. Such a site will have earned its authority and high fidelity links if the said site abides by the rules of SEO and search engine guidelines.

A Solid Network – Ranking for a keyword quickly requires you to have a strong network to share your content with. Such a tool like the white label rank tracker can help you in the ranking. However, if you don’t have a following/audience on social media or email, it’s likely that you will remain invisible and Google won’t facilitate your site for ranking purposes. At this point, you need to be careful about to rush things. You might be forced to start all over again if hitches occur halfway through.

 Initial Keyword Research

Even if you have an idea of the keyword you want to rank for, make sure you have facts. There are keywords tools that can help you decipher how that keyword is bound to perform as well as the competition around it. It’s advisable to pick a keyword that is popular instead of one with a low search volume. In some cases the keyword with too much competition.

Think About Mobile First

Mobile search has surpassed the previously popular desktop search. The advent of voice search will only make it better. Whether mobile or voice search, individuals are turning to mobile devices to do their searches on the go. Google has picked up the trend and a responsive approach will earn you the rank you desire. Today, you will rank for a password, if your mobile-first strategy combines speed on mobile pages and the right content. With accelerated mobile pages, your venture will enjoy top rank as long as the pages load fast while offering ease of use.

The good thing with keyword ranking is that it will promote your quest if you have keywords that are relevant to your business model. You are set to rank well if only the terms rhyme with the description of the business at hand. Remember to have the variation of your keywords, since relative versions of the primary keyword will help optimize your content.

 Check Out the Competition

If you have settled on a keyword, it helps to search for it on other search engines to see what your competitors are up to. You need to check the content that is ranking for the keyword as well as the authority of the sites involved. You want to differentiate yourself, and the best way to do this is to look for tricks to rise above the competition.

Optimize for Your Keyword

During the keyword creation phase, you have the best chance to optimize it; don’t wait to do it later. The keyword you have researched already should be considered. Make the best use of the keywords, but don’t go berserk on them. It’s advisable to promote your keyword-rich content well before it gets the chance to rank for keywords. It’s important that your content should be shared on your brand’s page on Facebook or Twitter


Even if you are sure that you are about to be ranked superbly, your work is not yet done. You have rank checking tools rank checking tools at your disposal. Keyword checking tools will help you see how your content is faring regarding the keyword it’s ranking for. As long as the keyword you picked isn’t competitive, your site will end up ranking where you wanted it to in the first place.

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