pii_email_0763df7609c640dae09d error solved

 How to solve [pii_email_0763df7609c640dae09d] error solved

While using communication services on Microsoft Outlook, sometimes we face error pii_email_0763df7609c640dae09d like this on our computer screen. This type of error comes only when your Microsoft Outlook doesn’t work properly. There can be various reasons for Microsoft Outlook not working properly. So today in this article, we will tell you how to solve this pii_email_0763df7609c640dae09d error.

When you face this type of error, you will not able to send mails to other peoples because all of our mail services work from Microsoft Outlook and this error comes when your Microsoft Outlook doesn’t work properly.

So if you are also facing this type of error then don’t worry we will help you overcome this problem. We will tell you various methods to solves this problem.

How to solve pii_email_0763df7609c640dae09d this error?

So, we will tell you various methods to fix this error. Be with us and follow the steps that we are providing you and get rid of this error. So here we go –

# Clear Cache and Cookies

  • First of all, clear all the cache and cookies from the browser that you are currently using.
  • Then you have to exit the Microsoft Outlook and then open it again.
  • Now if you have multiple accounts on Microsoft Outlook then close all the accounts immediately.
  • Then go to the Microsoft official website and check for the new updates available or not.
  • If there are any updates then go for it and then restart your computer and open Microsoft Outlook again to use uninterrupted services.

# Download the latest version of Microsoft Outlook

It is quite necessary that you have the latest version of Microsoft Outlook otherwise, these types of errors will show on your computer screen. Make sure that you have to download the latest version from the Microsoft official website because it may happen that if you download the Microsoft Outlook from any other website, you can get the broken version of Microsoft Outlook and you will get this type of error.

There is also a security risk if you download it from any other website by stealing your personal information from your computer.

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# Go with Auto Repair tool

If your computer is showing error after using the above methods then you should go with the Auto repair tool, just follow the steps as given below –

  • First of all, you have to go to the Control Panel option on your computer.
  • Then in the program and features option, you have to find the Microsoft Outlook application there.
  • Just right-click on the folder and tap on the edit option and then tap on the repair option.
  • Now you have to wait till the repair process completes then restart your computer and open the Microsoft Outlook again, your problem will get solved.


So, these are the ways from which you can solve pii_email_0763df7609c640dae09d this error. The methods shown above are quite easy to implement so you can solve this error with ease. Still, if you have any doubts related to this article, you can ask us in the comment section.

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