PUBG Elite Pass for Free

How to Get PUBG Elite Pass for Free

PUBG Elite Pass for Free – Who doesn’t like to play PUBG game? If you are a big fan of playing PUBG game on your Mobile phone or any other gaming consoles, then you might have heard about the Elite Pass in the game. Due to the game’s popularity and its easy-to-play interface, the game has millions of its players from around the globe.

The makers of this game have introduced their new Pass system where users can get the passes and they will be rewarded after completing the assigned tasks. you can even get an elite royale pass for free. If you get a Pass, you will get a lot of additional items and boosters at the end of the game.

With Elite Pass, you will get plenty of useful items such as Hats, Shoes, Clothes, Weapons-Skins, etc. The gamers do like to decorate their main character and the pass will provide them everything that they need.

For the professional PUBG players, there are two types of Passes available, Regular Pass and Elite Pass. Elite/ Royal Pass comes with a lot of benefits compared to the Regular Pass and for that very same reason, most players try to get an Elite/ Royal Pass to enhance their gaming experience. Elite Pass costs a little high, you have to buy them within the game. if you want to change your name and looking for the suggestion then check this Best Pubg name ideas and clan name ideas.

If you don’t want to pay anything and still want to get the Elite Pass to enhance the way how you pay, you have to follow some instructions given below. The Silver RP Color is for the Regular Pass and the Gold RP Color is for the Elite Pass. You can easily figure out the player’s Pass with the color option. also, check out How To Get Unlimited Rename Card For Free In Pubg Mobile

How can I get PUBG Elite Pass for Free?

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways available for the PUBG gamers to get an Elite or Royal Pass for free. The tool to convert your normal pass into Elite pass requires a rooted Android device. However, in the following guide, we will provide a trick that doesn’t require any special tricks or a rooted device. Just like every other trick, you have to follow a list of things that you need to do before implementing this process.

Here, we have listed down the pre-requisites to convert your regular pass into Royal Pass.


  • The following trick is for both, Android and iOS users. Upon asking, you have to select which Mobile Platform you are using to play the PUBG game.
  • Make sure to upgrade the game version if not. Go to the Play Store and select the Update button if the game is not updated.
  • Keep your phone fully charged during the process.
  • Your device needs to be connected with a high-speed Internet network.
  • Make sure you have logged in to the PUBG game with your Facebook account. You can also integrate the game with the existing Facebook account.

If you are confirmed with the above pre-requisites, then you are good to go ahead to get the free Elite Pass for PUBG game. If you are curious to know how you can actually get free UC in Pubg Mobile, then you have to follow a few simple steps listed below.

How to Get PUBG Elite Royal Pass Free Season 5

  1. First Of All Logout From All Gmail Account with you are logged in
  2. Now Login with at least 2-month-old Gmail accounts.
  3. now go to setting>Installed Apps>Play Store> Clear all data
  4. Now Open PUBG Mobile
  5. Now Click On S5 Below Your Profile.
  6. Simply click on Purchase UC Now
  7. Now Click On First Option 60 UC In 79 rupees
  8. Now click on add net banking option
  9. fill all given details [fake details]
  10. after all these steps simple click on Back Button
  11. now you will get the 75 Off popup on your screen
  12. now pay 4 rupees
  13. simply follow these step over and over till 600 UC ( you have to log in with 10 different 2-month-old accounts)
  14. Now Click On Rp
  15. Click on Upgrade
  16. Now tap Anywhere to upgrade your elite royal pass.
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If you did not understand then watch Below mention video. On That Channel, We Are Also Uploading How you Can Get premium Create On Pubg mobile and premium skin for free and Free Clothes in Pubg Mobile

Steps to get PUBG Elite Pass For Free

Step 1:

First, you have to download the app called SpeedyCoin. This is a popular app that can be used to get free rewards and coins for any games which provide the facility. You can download this app from the link mentioned below. The app is for free and is available for both, Android and iOS users. Go ahead and get it from its official website now!

Download SpeedyCoin App.

Step 2:

Once downloaded and installed, go ahead and register yourself there. You have to enter your Registration details upon asking. Enter your username as well.

Step 3:

To get free coins for a particular game, you have to finish the tasks given by you from the app. You can finish the small surveys which need to be completed by you in order to get free coins from the app.

Step 4:

Once you collected enough coins by following the tasks and the given guidelines, you can redeem the collected coins from Google Play Gift Card.

Step 5:

You can use this Google Gift Card to redeem in your PUBG game. This will give you the power to collect the Elite/ Royal Pass.

Trick to Get PUBG Elite Royal Pass Free Season 5

You’re done! This is the simplest way to get Elite Pass for free for the PUBG game. Most people have found the above trick is easier than other tricks. There are many YouTubers who have released different tricks and tips to get free Elite Pass for the PUBG game.

However, not all of them are working for users. The above trick looks a little longer to follow; however, this is the right and almost a legal way to get the Royal or Elite Pass for PUBG for free.

Note: Buying uc Is Always An Option xD, If you don’t know How To Purcahse UC Then Check Our Guide.

If you have any other working trick to get the Elite Pass for free, kindly let us know. Share your suggestion, trick, and feedback in the comments section given below this post. and at last please join pubg tournaments whatsapp group links and earn real cash and use it for purchasing an elite pass.

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