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Rapidgator Premium Account for Free | Usernames & Passwords 2020

Rapidgator Premium Account for Free – If you’ve been looking for an online file hosting service, then Rapidgator is the best platform for you. It’s a very popular platform with a massive number of users from around the globe. On this platform, a user can upload, download, share files to other members with just a couple of clicks. The platform also allows you to store your media files and other useful documents for free. Rapidgator Platform has two different versions, a free trial version, and a Premium version. You can first test out the Free version and if you are completely satisfied with it, you can go for the premium version of it. Here, we will show you all the possible ways with which you can get a Rapidgator Premium Account for free.

Advantages of Rapidgator Premium Account

  • Decent user interface for everyone
  • Free from annoying advertisements
  • User can upload 5GB of file per download
  • Extremely high download and upload speed
  • No waiting times
  • Easy downloads without entering the Captcha codes
  • Downloads are unlimited through Premium account without the limitations

These are all the advantages which you can get from the Premium account of Rapidgator platform. However, people are always searching for the free ones and for that reason, we have listed down all the methods here. These methods help you to get your own Rapidgator Premium Account for free.

How to get Rapidgator Premium Account for free

Method 1: Making use of Premium Cookies

Cookies store all the information and links that you surf through your web browser. There are plenty of sources available on the Internet which provides you with a list of such accounts with their usernames and passwords.

For that, you have to search on the web with Premium Cookies for Rapidgator Premium Account. You will be allowed to copy the cookies from the premium account from reliable sources. Once you collect the information about the login credentials, you can put the username and password to the desired Rapidgator account and can start using the Premium account.

You will get all the premium features of Rapidgator’s Premium account. This requires you to be a little tech-savvy. You have to try out various usernames and passwords for that and one of those will work for you.

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Method 2: Go with the Trial Method

You can get the Premium features of the Rapidgator platform by opting for the Trial version of the platform. The following steps will let you know more about this procedure.

Step 1:

Go to the official website of the Rapidgator Platform by visiting the following link.

Go to: https://rapidgator.net/

Step 2:

Once you visit the official website, you could see a Login page there. You need to create your new account by clicking on to the Register/ Sign up button from the same page.

Step 3:

Put all the necessary information of yours while creating your Premium account on the Rapidgator’s Platform.

Step 4:

Once the account is created, select Paypal as the payment method.

Step 5:

Now, you can go to the affiliation program. This lets you refer this platform to your friends and you will get the Premium account’s access for more days. The more you refer the more credit you will earn which lets you offer free access of the Premium account.

Method 3: Use of Third-Party Platform

There are many leech websites available on the web platform which actually provide you links for using the premium accounts of this platform. The following steps will let you know more about using this method.

Step 1:

Visit the Hungryleech website first. You can click on the following link to do so.

Go to: http://hungryleech.com/

Step 2:

The page will be loaded with a search box. You have to go to the official page of the Rapidgator platform and copy the link of your account.

Step 3:

Paste the link of your Rapidgator’s account into the Search box and click on to the Generate button given here.

Step 4:

At the very next moment, you will be provided with your own Rapidgator Premium Account’s link.

Step 5:

Once you get the link, go back to the Rapidgator’s platform and paste this Premium account’s link there. You will be able to access all the Premium Features of the Rapidgator.

So, folks, these are all the working methods available for you to get the Rapidgator Premium Account for free. These methods are a bit tricky and you have to practice them a few times to get the Premium Account’s username and password. I’m pretty sure, you will definitely get one for you by following the above-listed methods.

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