How To Register a Restaurent On swiggy

How To Register a Restaurent On Swiggy

How to Register a Food Business on Swiggy? Online Food Ordering business is rapidly growing and more and more platforms are coming to serve you with their best services. When it comes to ordering food online, most people would suggest Swiggy.

Swiggy is the fastest growing online food ordering platform with a huge success in the business. If you run a food business of your own, then you too can register it with Swiggy to boom your business. Here we will guide you about how you can register a food business on Swiggy.

Before we jump on to the process of registering a new restaurant or food business on Swiggy, first, let’s check out the benefits of it.

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Benefits of Registering a Food Business on Swiggy 

  • Swiggy is the top online food ordering platform with a huge number of its users across the country and many more markets in the world.
  • By registering your food business on this platform, you will get regular orders from your customers. It will increase the number of daily customers to your restaurant, as a result, you will generate more sales per day.
  • By running a food business through Swiggy, you need not spend extra money on the commercial site. All it needs is a proper place where you can prepare a variety of food dishes which can be delivered to the customers.
  • No extra cost. Swiggy is an online business which can be operated by a person through a mobile phone or a computer. It doesn’t ask you to hire people for delivering your food. It works simply with the mobile app. Swiggy will send a delivery boy to collect and deliver the order received on your Mobile app.

How to Register Restaurant on Swiggy? 

Swiggy has become the most popular online food ordering platform, and for that reason, more and more restaurants are trying to register on this platform. With the lack of knowledge, they are unable to do so and end up with disappointment.

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To make your registration easier, here we have prepared a step by step guidelines for new users. The following steps will guide you to register your food business on Swiggy. We have also enlisted the list of required documents for the same. Let’s get on to the points now!

Step 1: 

First, you need to visit the official website of Swiggy. Go to the official Portal where you will see an option “Partner with us”, click this link given on the home page.

Step 2: 

A registration form will be presented to you where you need to enter the details of your food business or restaurant. You will be asked to fill in the following details in the registration form.

  • Name of your Restaurant
  • City of your Restaurant
  • Name of the Owner
  • Contact Details: Phone Number and Email Id.

Step 3: 

Once you are done with the Registration Application, the application will further be processed itself. You just need to wait for the Swiggy team to reach out at your restaurant.

Step 4: 

The Swiggy Team member will ask you to sign in with the agreement. The details and all the information will be mentioned in the Agreement form.

Step 5: 

Once you are done with it, you need to send a menu page of your restaurant with more details like price etc.

Step 6: 

The next step is the training session. The Swiggy Team will conduct a training session with the owner using a mobile app. You will be guided through the different functions and features of the Swiggy app including how you can accept or reject the order and how the money will be deposited etc.

This is how you can get your food business or a restaurant registered with Swiggy.

People who are not aware of the required documents can check the following list.

Required Documents to Register on Swiggy 

Here’s a list of documents which are necessary for the owner to submit while registering his business on the Swiggy platform.

  • FSSAI Registration
  • GST Registration
  • PAN Card
  • Shop Registration
  • Bank Account Details with a Cancelled Cheque
  • Details of the Proprietor

These much documents are needed to submit by the owner of the Restaurant to the Swiggy Team during the finalizing process of the registration.

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Why Choosing Online Food Ordering Service as a Restaurent Owner

Accorinding to the statics in 2019 their are more then 68% person prefer ordering food online. Yes in this world we are living in a digital world where wo almost do everything online, we renting Furniture, Appliances, Electronics on Rentmojo, In This world we can even rent a wedding lehnga or blazers on Flyrobe. We can rent a car on zoomcar.

Let’s come to the point why choosing Food deleviring app, yes hiring a personal delivery boys for your restaurent can cost you upto 5-10% of your Total income. to be really honest there are countless reason to choose food delivering app for our restaurent.

online food delivery

Conclusion: So this is simpplest way to add your restaurent on zomato, i hope you are able to register your food buisness on ordering food online platform like Swiggy and Zomato. aslo share this article with your friends/family who run a successful restaurent on your area.

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