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We all need a chatting platform where we can easily communicate with our close ones. That’s why we use the apps like WhatsApp where we can send messages, photos, and videos to any person who has also joined WhatsApp. WhatsApp got huge popularity because of its easy user interface, which can be operated by anyone.

Another reason for the huge success of WhatsApp is that it maintains the security of all the messages with its end-to-end encryption feature. So all the users were using WhatsApp without any worries because their chats are not leaking outside the market.

But as we know, recently, WhatsApp has updated their terms and conditions and privacy policy, which is a very huge update and the users are getting insecure, as they have fear of non-secure of their chats. That’s why many peoples are leaving WhatsApp and searching for any other platform where they will get all the features like WhatsApp but there should be taken care of the user’s security. Because no one wants to use an app where chats are not secure. That’s why peoples are looking for an alternative to that WhatsApp.

That’s why today in this article, we are sharing the best alternative of WhatsApp named Signal. The signal is just like WhatsApp where a user can send messages, photos, and videos to any person.

The most amazing thing about the Signal app is that here users can also send text and photos to those persons, who are not in their contact list because in WhatsApp, we can text only to those persons who are in our contact list or we need to save the number before sending a message to them, but here we can send message to any number without adding to our contact list.

The signal app is fully free and is available for Android, iOS, and iPad. Users can also use it on their Windows, they just need a phone number. Signal is a safely encrypted app where all the features of WhatsApp like voice calls and video calls are allowed. In Signal, 1000 users can join in a group and no one can easily join in the group. If a user has to add members then they cannot directly add to the group with just their phone number. A user needs to send the invitation link, if another user is interested then tap will tap on the link to join a group.

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It is end-to-end encrypted, which means that the developer will also not able to see the chats of peoples. Only the receiver will be able to see a message. Signal is a non-profit company, as there are no ads running on this app. It was launched in 2013 but got huge popularity in 2021 because WhatsApp has updated their privacy policy, which is not secure at all.

As we have already said that Signal is just like WhatsApp in which a user can join many groups for Entertainment. signal is a new highlighted app and users are unknown about its functionalities. But don’t worry, if you want pure Entertainment then be with us in this article because we are providing the Best Signal Groups Link so that you can join them and do full entertainment.

Signal Group Links

So now we are providing you the best Signal Group Links as per different categories so that you can join the group you want.

Signal Group Rules

As it is quite necessary to follow the rules and regulations if you want to be in the group for a long time. Discipline is very necessary, so here are the rules that you need to follow.

  • Users need to respect the other peoples in the group.
  • Users are not allowed to send any promotional content in the groups.
  • Users are strictly not allowed to send any religious content in the group.
  • Users have to show a positive attitude towards peoples in the group.
  • Users are not allowed to change the group name or description.
  • If you are facing any issues with any other member then you need to contact the admin immediately instead of arguing with them.

That’s it, users need to take care of all these things if they want to be in the group for a long time.

Signal Funny Group Links

We all like the latest memes for the funny purpose. The funny groups will entertain you a lot with their photos and videos. You can also share funny photos in the group for other’s entertainment. So now we are providing the links of Signal Funny Group Links. You just need to tap on the link to join the group. Here are the links –

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Join Signal Group

Signal Adult Group Links

For those who are looking for adult content then they can join the groups, as the links are given below. In those groups, you will get all the content, which should be watched by 18+ peoples. So if you are joining these groups then you need to lock the phone with a good security lock so that no one can get to know the content on your mobile. Here are the group links –

Join Signal Group

Indian Signal Group Links

As we know Signal app is popular in the whole world so if a user wants to join groups in which they want only Indian peoples then they need to join the groups as we have given the link below. Here are the links –

Join Signal Group

Forex Signal Group Links

Many peoples are searching for forex trading groups, so here we come with all those groups where you will get a lot of information related to Forex trading. You can also explore your knowledge. Here are the links for those groups –

Join Signal

How do I create a Group link?

signal how to join group

  1. Open your group chat and tap on the group name to view chat settings.
  2. Select Group Link.
  3. Tap Group Link to enable.
  4. Optional: Tap Approve New Members to requires admin approval if someone requests to join the group via a link.
  5. Tap Share to copy the link or share.

What other ways can someone join a group?

Display a QR code for contact to scan using any app.

  1. Open your group chat and tap on the group name to view chat settings.
  2. Select Group Link.
  3. Select Share.
  4. Choose QR code.
  5. Have your contact use any app to scan the QR code on  your phone.

So this is all about the Signal Groups Links, we have given the complete information and categorized all the group links separately. Now users can easily join the groups in which they want. Still, if you have any doubt then you can ask us in the comment section.

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