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5 Things besides Remote Access You Can Do with TeamViewer

TeamViewer is not a new thing in the IT world. The desktop software is popularly known for allowing remote access to computer systems and networks. It comes with so many amazing features and a helpful guide to use. The setup is straightforward for you to do it yourself. Whether you want to install TeamViewer for private needs or for commercial purpose, it’s convenient software. Once installed, TeamViewer gives you access to a lot of capabilities. Besides remote access, there are other things that you can do with it.

teamviewer download

  1. Chat Online

You are provided with three major chat options: video call, voice call, and live chat. All the options are secure and fast. If you want to chat with a colleague within your department or a customer, you can be able to use the chat tool conveniently. In addition to being safe and fast, the chat platforms are very clear. Consequently, you can always understand each other when communicating.

  1. Record Sessions

TeamViewer allows you to record sessions that you missed. Whether it’s a technical subject or a conversation that you would like to revisit at a later date, you can do it using the record feature. It’s symbolized by REC on the interface and it appears on the screen whenever a recording is underway. All you have to do is save the recording if you want to keep it. It doesn’t require much hassle to do it. The retrieval process is also straightforward.

  1. Share Documents

TeamViewer allows you to share files and folders suitably. You can transfer text information, screenshots, and pictures directly from a storage service like Google Drive and OneDrive. You can also use the drag-and-drop feature to share files from computer to computer. This means that you can share information within your IT department fast and without suffering any kind of expenses. You are provided with two options for sharing information: file transfer and file box. The former is for PC-to-PC transfers and the latter is for drag-and-drop transfers.

  1. Customer Service

If you install TeamViewer for commercial purposes, you’ll be able to perform a range of tasks for your department. They include creating inboxes, conveying tasks, and adding staff members. All these are possible through the Service Camp feature. The feature is automated to address these issues among many others. This assures that your customer and staff remain motivated and the overall productivity of your department improves.

  1. Conduct Meetings

On the TeamViewer’s interphase, there is a meetings section. When you click on the tab, you’ll be provided with two choices. One, you can decide to host a meeting. In this case, you can decide to host it via phone or via video call. Two, you can opt to join a meeting. This is for conferences that are already underway and you are expected to be a part of.

To enjoy the above uses and many more, you have to subscribe to the service. You can enjoy 15% off your first year with TeamViewer coupon if you subscribe the yearly package today. The offer is affordable and great for new subscribers.

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