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List of the Best Flirty Games to Play Over Text with your Girlfriend

Texting Games – “Words” is still considered as the most powerful weapon in the world even in today’s modern era. We all know how beautiful is to have a chat with your Girlfriend, especially with your crush. What if you can add some spices to your chats? What if you can spend a gold time with your crush by playing with the super simple text games?

Yes, you can actually try out such flirty games to impress your crush and make her or him fall for you. To help you in selecting the right game, here we have prepared a list of the Best Flirty Games to Play Over Text. Follow the below-given lists of ideas now.

texting games

Games To Play Over Text

So if you have decided to surprise a friend or want to have a fruitful conversation with your crush, here we have enlisted all the texting games which you can start playing with!

  1. Would You Rather

Would You Rather is a physical face-to-face word game which can also be played on your mobile phones as a Texting game? The game can be played with one or multiple friends at the same time. The intention of this game is to bring the real nature of someone in front of your friends or in front of you.

The game starts with a simple rule I.e. the question must be asked with “would you rather.” You can ask any questions that can have some weight on both sides. The game is quirky enough to have a fun time with your loved ones. You can ask as many questions as you can and the same can.

  1. Never Have I Ever

If you organize frequent parties at your place, then Never Have I Ever is one of the best conversation games that you can play with your friends. The same can be done over a text with a single player only. The game reveals the real facts about your crush or girlfriend or boyfriend.

Players would take their turn about disclosing the things which they have never done before in their entire life. If the question is the opposite one, the opponent will lose one point and that’s how the game works.

  1. Movie Lines

This is yet another interesting texting games which you can play with your crush or with a group of your friends over a text. The game runs with a simple rule where you all can have the conversation only by texting the movie lines.

You can text with the famous dialogues or any popular lines or songs which can grab anyone’s attention. You can disclose your feelings by using suitable movie lines. You can also set out rules for the games like a specific actor’s movies or actress’ movies etc.

  1. Kiss, Marry, Kill

Kiss, Marry, Kill is a Classic game which I’m sure you have played during your childhood days. The same game can now be played over a text with your loved ones or even with your crush. This game includes three characters, you can choose your friends and crush as a group and start the game. Ask them to whom he/ she would kiss, marry and kill. It’s fun and the flirtiest game which you can play with your real crush or friends.

  1. What If

What If is yet another popular classic word or text game which can be played even today. The game starts with a simple What if question where you can ask your boyfriend or girlfriend or crush about what he or she will do in a particular situation. It’s fun to find out how the person you love would solve the situation. The same helps you to know more about your crush. You can also try out some variations in the game by tweaking out the questions to make them quirkier.

  1. 20 Questions

20 Questions is one of the most addictive word game of the 19th century. You can play this game over a text with two people at the same time. The rules of this game are pretty simple where one person should choose an object or anything. The other person has to ask up to 20 questions to figure out the answer. Make sure that the questions you send to the players are answerable with yes or no. You can get to know a lot of things about a person and can have a fun time with them.

  1. Name Game

Name Game is yet another addictive text game. As the name suggests, the game starts by setting out the simple rules where you can decide the category of the names first and then start the game by asking the names. You can select from famous actor or actress, city, country, food, books etc.

The first person would send a text from the category. The other person has to send the text that starts with the last letter of the previous word. Make sure that the name that you all are sending must come from the category chosen by you.

  1. Abbreviations

Abbreviations is not a fun game compared to others, but it has got all the exciting stuff to spend a fun time with your crush or boyfriend and girlfriend. The game can only be played with the known persons especially with the people whom you know very well I.e. your best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend or crush.

You can tell the opponent to abbreviate the thing which he or she is currently doing and then you have to guess the right answer by following the abbreviation. You can also ask company names, phrases and a lot of other things within this game.

  1. What Would You Do?

What would you do? This is one of the most exciting text games which you can play with a little bit of flirt. Yes, you can actually play it along with your crush or a girlfriend/ boyfriend. The game starts with a simple rule I.e. by asking a question that starts with What Would You Do? You can ask about a certain situation or for a task which the opponent must answer correctly. You can also set out your own gaming rules to make it funnier and flirtier.

10. Emojis

We are living a digital world with our smartphone which can actually be considered as your heart. When it comes to playing a quirky text game with your loved one, you can start playing with different types of Emojis only.

We all know that we have got almost all types of emojis on all the chat messaging apps. If we talk about WhatsApp, the app contains hundreds of different types of emojis in it. You can start with a simple emoji; the answer of the opponent must come in emoji only. This way, you can be a big flirt.

11. Whatsapp Dare Game for girlfriend

You can also play whatsapp dare games with your gf, this game is very easy to play and indirectly you can ask anything that you want to say to your girlfriend.

12. Instagram Story Game For Crush

Instagram is the best Social media nowadays, if you have a crush on someone you can directly dm these Instagram dare messages to them and in return, you can expect a reply from your crush maybe for the first time :p, yes you hesitated to talk to the girl whom you have crush on then you can this technique to get a reply from your crush.


These are the most popular flirty text games in which you can play with your best friends, girlfriend, boyfriend or crush. These games are clean and not dirty, there will be no hard feelings while playing these games. You can start with the above-listed games one by one and can set out a schedule on your own. You can also play the same game again and again if you guys are really enjoying it! Have a fun time, guys!

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