The 5 Best Productivity Apps for 2021

Productivity is something that many of us struggle with, but we do have technology on our site nowadays. There are many apps that can increase your productivity in whatever way you need it to. Let’s take a look at the top 5 best productivity apps that are well worth downloading in 2021 and beyond.

  1. ToDoist

Gone are the days of having all your to-do lists written down, this app makes it a much easier and more manageable process. You can use ToDoist as a calendar and a task list in one. The app is really clever and will even send you reminders for things that you have scheduled. It actually makes you MOTIVATED to complete your tasks for the day and after downloading it, you will wonder how you ever survived without it in your life. The app is free but you will need to pay a monthly subscription if you want to unlock certain features.

  1. Trello

No matter what line of work you are in, Trello is the perfect app for managing your projects and keeping all your ideas in one place. Trello works off a super simple idea and is easy to use. Projects can be broken into smaller tasks that are much less daunting and generally makes work a whole lot easier. With Trello, each task is made into a card, these are then kept in different columns, i.e. in progress, completed.etc. You can move your cards around as required. Seeing projects visually and with each step laid out for you can definitely take a weight off your shoulders. This app is completely free to use.


Audext is a state of the art transcription app that turns audio into text. It can be useful in so many different areas of your life and can save you so much time in general. Any voice recording will be turned into text in mere minutes which can be an absolute lifesaver. Whether you want to transcribe lectures, meetings or you need to make this kind of report for legal reasons, you can transcribe literally anything using this platform.

The accuracy of audio to text converter online Audext is known to be much better than similar transcription websites out there and is just one of the reasons why you need to put your faith in it. As a new member, you get 30 minutes free and you then go on to pay either a reasonably hourly or monthly fee depending on how much you need these amazing services.

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  1. HelloSign

Contracts still exchange hands frequently but many different processes are now done online. Usually, with a contract sent to you by email, you would need to print it off and sign it before sending it back. This is a whole lot of stress and HelloSign is an app that takes this extra hassle away.

You can actually sign through HelloSign electronically and it is recognized by the law meaning all contracts signed this way are legally binding. You can have limited access to HelloSign free of charge but you will need to pay $13 per month to take full advantage of the services.

  1. Zapier

Last but not least is the clever app Zapier. You likely use so many apps in your day to day life, most of which have nothing to do with each other. Zapier helps connect a number of different apps on your device which generally makes life a whole lot easier. A quick example of this is any emails you receive through Gmail, the attachments will be automatically downloaded and saved in DropBox.

The opportunities with Zapier are endless and it is also ideal in making multiple copies of important files so that you never lose anything. There is a 14 day trial of this app and after that, you will be paying at least $20 per month.


There are so many ways that you can make your life more organized using the mentioned productivity apps. All serve a purpose and work really well for different areas of your life. Transcription is something that can be so useful no matter what stage in life you are at. is the perfect transcription app and well worth checking out for yourself.

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