Top Apps To Monitor Your Health The Smart Way

We are shifting to a smarter world now. The mobile devices we are using at present are designed to offer us instant feedback on almost all the issues we care about the most. That is why healthcare and fitness are some of the most downloaded applications. 

Especially during the global coronavirus pandemic, when staying home was the only way to stay safe, and we also needed to monitor our oxygen level every now and then, health care applications became mandatory. 

Top Apps To Monitor Your Health The Smart Way

Although medical health-related apps should not be the alternative to professional health diagnosis and proper medical treatment, they offer us a basic understanding of what is going on with our health and when we need to consult with a doctor. 

Here are some of the best health monitoring apps you should try now. You will get them from pirate bay completely free. 

App 1: WebMD

Almost everyone knows about this one of the best health-related websites. WebMD also comes in an application version to provide around-the-clock mobile access. The app comes with a huge number of decision support tools and vast amounts of health information. 

You will get the following features here. 

  • First aid essentials. 
  • Symptoms checker.
  • Local health provider listings.
  • Drug and treatment checker. 

You also can store your family’s information by personalizing this app and also access it offline to ensure constant availability. 

App 2: iPharmacy

This is your one-stop-shop for all those pharmaceutical things. With iPharmacy you will be able to identify different pills and also give guidance on medication. It will also help you to ensure that you are getting the best pricing for your refills and prescriptions. 

With all the latest news on FDA recalls and alerts, you can stay updated with whatever is happening in the healthcare sector. 

App 3: Instant Heart Rate

Unlike the previous two apps, you need to pay a small amount to use this application on your smartphone. Using the camera of your smartphone, this app will detect the pulse in your fingertip and also offer you an instant reading of your heart rate. 

As we have mentioned, the pro version that is paid is completely ad-free and also can store over 5 measurements. If you are using this app on your iPhone, you will get a graphical representation of your heart rate. 

App 4: Quit Smoking Pro

Quit Smoking Pro is your personal quit-smoking coach that helps you finally kick your bad habit. With this app, you will be able to set targets, provide yourself with important health facts, and tell yourself how much money you have saved. 

In order to motivate you, this app constantly sends you motivational messages. The best part is that you can share your goals and achievements on social media. 

App 5: Glucose Buddy

Do you have diabetes? 

If yes, then this application can assist you in managing your diabetes. Just by entering and tracking the glucose numbers, insulin dosage, carbohydrate intake, exercise, along with all the other activities, you can manage your blood glucose level. 

All of the data automatically gets synced with your online account of Glucose Buddy. When it is time to enter additional data, the notifications will remind you about that. 

App 6: Health Tap

This app will give you immediate answers to all your health queries from real qualified doctors right on your smartphone. As the name says, it literally taps into a network of doctors. 

The professionals offer trustworthy tips on medical conditions, symptoms, medications, along with other wellness topics. You also can opt for a second opinion or as many opinions as you want to take. 

Some More Options

Although we have mentioned the top ones here, there are a few which are also great for monitoring your health. They are as follows. 

  • Stress Check Pro.
  • Food came.
  • Lark Up. 
  • I-Care Health Monitor. 
  • My Plate Calorie Tracker. 

Stay Healthy In A Smart Way

All these applications are really great and will help you a lot in monitoring your health. Take a resolution to stay healthy and give up all your bad habits with these applications. In case the case is serious, it is best to consult with a doctor as soon as possible instead of relying on the apps. 

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