Track PAN card status

How can I Track my PAN card status?

Why Pan Card needed in India?

PAN refers to Permanent Account Number is similar to an account maintained by the Income Tax Department. PAN generally used as identity proof in banks for opening bank accounts, making property sale or purchase of any tangible or immovable goods and few other transactions.

For instance, if you’re a taxpayer and when it’s important for the government to identify the person who has paid the respective taxes for the purchase of sale. The tax that basically you pay is again gets credited to your account with the Income Tax Department to the tax paid balance in your account.

In certain cases where tax paid in your account is already in excess of your total liability, the income tax will return the access tax paid. So, it’s duly important for the Income Tax Department to identify the person whom tax needs to be collected or refunded. So PAN solely becomes a true identity for the person. Having a PAN card helps you in so many ways such as government have made it mandatory for everyone to report the transaction of specific nature with the PAN. Even though a person is not a taxpayer, he/she might be asked to provide the Permanent Account Number with the copy of the card.

PAN card is needed to bring universal identification to all financial transactions to eradicate the tax evasion of keeping records of individual or organization transactions. PAN is unique to every individual and a valid for a lifetime of the holder. A PAN is necessary for anyone who is a resident of India and hopes to the part of the booming Indian economy thereby putting more emphasis on the PAN application.

How to Track PAN card status

pancard status

Tracking a PAN card status is quite easy when you do it online. However, there are different modes of tacking. Any applicants must follow the simple steps to get the PAN card status from the official website of NSDL.

Step 1 An applicant should visit the official website for PAN, TIN-NSDL and navigate to the PAN selection of the website

Step 2 Once you get there an option will be displayed to track PAN card status.

Step 3 An Applicant then choose the type of application he/she want to track such as NEW PAN/Updated information and provide the required details such as 15-digit acknowledgment number with the Full name and DOB.

Step 4 Once done, you will be redirected to the page where you PAN card status will be displayed.

All Applicant should note that to track the status of your application, you have to wait for 24 hours prior to the application submitted.

An alternative way to track PAN card status

Checking the PAN card status with UTI Application is generally made through the application number. Ensure that you have the required application to track the online status. Furthermore, you can use the below steps to complete the PAN card status.

Step 1 You need to visit the official UTIITSL’s PAN online portal

Step 2 Visit the official UTI Pan Card Page

Step 3 Select the PAN card application status

Step 4 Enter the application/coupon number

Step 5 Click on the submit button and find the PAN application status.

Now, you know how to track PAN card status. It basically takes around 15 working days for an individual to receive his/her PAN card. However, to make the process convenient the government allows easy tracking of the PAN card status by providing a 15-digit acknowledgment number to track the PAN application status in many ways. A few ways are listed below.

SMS facility

The applicant can track the status of the PAN application through the phone by using a specialized SMS service.

Telephone call

An applicant finds the status of the PAN application status by quoting the acknowledgment number while in a call to 020-27218080.

Online tracking

The applicant can choose to track the application online using the online portal or website of TIN-NSDL.


Individuals who apply for the PAN through the internet either need to pay the fees via Internet Banking, Credit/Debit card. The transaction page itself has the acknowledgment number mentioned which is used later to track the online PAN card status.

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