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View PDF Files Without Owning Adobe

In business, the best way to share files is PDF. The receiver will be able to view the document without any changes to it. Today, we will discuss how you can view PDF without owning Adobe. There are so many methods in the market that are used to unlock the PDF files but they are very time consuming and complicated. So, we will discuss some easy and understandable methods. You can use an online file converter as you will not have to download or install any additional software or application for this particular purpose. There are certain applications too which can be used for this purpose. PDF to JPG converter and Image Converter are being used widely in this regard. PDF file converter has also shown very positive results and included in the list of most commonly used applications for conversion purposes.pdf to jpg converter

Online File Converter:

An Online file converter is used to convert files online. It can convert the files up to 250 MB. Once the conversion is done, the browser will display a link to open that file. So, you can open that file easily. The converted file will be available for 1 hour for downloading. You can download that file within this time. It keeps your files safe and secure. The files that are protected with a password will not complete the conversion process. It is the best way to convert files online.

Image Converter:

Image converter can also be used to view PDF files without Adobe. It has a few steps to be followed. Firstly, you have to upload your image or file. Then, you have to enhance the image quality. Go to the settings and then optional settings and change the image size and DPI. You will see a “Start Conversion” button. After this, the file will start to convert. You can also convert a document by using this application.

Convert PDF to JPG online:

You can also convert PDF to JPG online. You have to submit your PDF and it will convert it into JPG. After that, the picture will be downloaded. You simply have to convert it online. This processor processes your PDF documents and converts them into high- quality JPG. This is a very quick service as it takes very little time to complete its conversion. If you have to use this application, you will not need extra software for using this. You also don’t have to install any program for its functioning. So, it is used to convert files online in an effective way.

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PDF Converter:

The PDF converter is also being used to view the pictures and files. There are few steps to follow to use this converter. First of all, you have to click on the “Continue” button. Then for further processing, click the “Add to Chrome” button. The third and last step is to click the “Add Extension’ button. For using this application, you have to download and install this PDF Converter on your computer or laptop.

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