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Best VPN to unblock Netflix | VPN That Works With Netflix in 2021

Netflix has a huge library with respect to entertainment, the TV shows, series and more can be accessed via a membership with Netflix.

However, not every geographical location has the same library.

The library that you access in the US will not be the same as in the UK or the Asia region.

They tend to limit library based on geography or the location from which their website has been accessed.

In order to overcome or many have overcome this restriction years ago with the usage of something called VPN – Virtual Private Network which enables to mask your device or physical IP and bounce your IP from the desired location.

So, you can access Netflix US library even though you are geographically in the US.

Smart Idea

Netflix started to take a countermeasure for proxy IP’s and start blocking access to them which resulted in a constant war between Netflix, consumer and VPN service providers.

Depending on the location, you would be offered a membership for certain period of time.

You will have access to only that part of the library which doesn’t have any restrictions.

If you try to access something or stumble upon something, you would be redirected to the home page or get an HTML error.

Netflix started to ban unblocker or proxy services and completely block VPNs.

The easiest way to detect a proxy would be the accessed devices, if there are 100s of devices being accessed from a single IP address, it is a dead give away to their monitoring tool.


The only fix or solution to this problem is to use an excellent VPN which can mask your physical IP as stay one step ahead of Netflix. This certainly seems easy but a good VPN is hard to get an excellent one is harder to find.


You might be thinking if by any minute chance that, am I breaking the law?

In most cases, no you are not since you have paid a subscription to get access to all the shows hosted by this platform.

If the governing protocol with respect to the usage of VPN for these purposes reflects as illegal, I’d recommend you stop at this very instant.

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The Terms of Service (ToS) for Netflix says that they will terminate your subscription for trying to access or unblock other regions using VPN.

However, this instance has not occurred once to date.

Why would anyone in their right mind lose a regular paying customer?

Losing a subscription is bad for business and Netflix has not taken any serious thoughts on it so far.

An excellent VPN

Over the past few years, we have been vigilant to find that Perfect VPN Which Works Comfortably With Netflix without raising any red lights whatsoever and we have found one such VPN. ExpressVPN does assist in unblocking, proxy error resolution and more with ease.

Final Thoughts

Using a VPN to access a different region library from a huge platform cannot be considered as a crime since you have paid for using their service.

I’d say, explore and exploit to whatever extent you could!

3 thoughts on “Best VPN to unblock Netflix | VPN That Works With Netflix in 2021”

  1. Brandon Frost

    NordVPN works excellent, but you just need to check which server supports Netflix! You can do so by checking on their website

  2. Jodie Stewart

    Yep, it most certainly works great. Recommend to someone who is looking for a VPN that still works with Netflix. Here is a Nordvpn coupon with a big discount 75OFF

  3. I use Nordvpn for both Netflix and Hulu. Very convenient for me as I live outside the US, the interface of Nordvpn is straightforward to use so connecting to US server won’t be a big problem even to someone who is not a tech-savvy person

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