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What is Apple Pie APK? (Whatsapp Viral App) | Don’t Download🚫

What is Apple Pie APK – If you are surfing the web, then you probably come across this app called Apple Pie. Apple Pie is currently the most trending app in the market and most of the people are not aware of it. Many people have been asking the same question “What is Apple Pie APK?” and “Why this app is trending on the top?” If you too have the same question, then this article will give you all the information about this app and its importance. Let’s find out more about the app now!

Many of you might have searched on the web about this app and ended up with disappointments. Since you are landed here, you don’t have to go anywhere as we have provided all the useful information about the Apple Pie app here in this article.

There is limited information available on this app and for that reason, no one knows what this app actually is and why it is trending.

Many of you might have considered that this is a new app for the Android device. But according to information available on the web and a video, the app is not for Android devices. You would be shocked to know about this app in the first place. The Apple Pie APK is not an app but a malware. Yes, it’s a malicious app which is designed to hack your Android device.

This application is made by expert developers to steal data from your Android devices. The application is full of malware and viruses of different types to affect your smartphone’s data, contacts list and much more.

What Should I do with the Apple pie app?

The app is spreading like a real virus through WhatsApp and other messaging apps. Whenever you receive an app called Apple Pie from your friend or relatives, the first thing you need to do is delete × that message from your device. This will keep your device secured from affecting by this malicious app I.e. Apple Pie. We request you not to open this app ×.

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whatsapp viral app apple pie

What fun thing about this app is whenever you try to install this app, you will listen to a voice of porn stars. It would be better for you not to open it in front of your family members. You should try it out while wearing earphones. This voice can get you embarrassed in front of your family.

What if I try to install the apple Pie app?

When you click the link sent by your friend or any other contacts to your WhatsApp or any other messaging app, the first thing you will get is a loud voice of porn stars. What worse here is the same voice will be set as your phone’s ringtone on the very next second.

We request you not to fall for this trap as it’s a pure virus and designed to steal your data and make you embarrass in front of your loved ones. Kindly avoid installing this app × whenever you received it.

Should I Download this Apple Pie App?

Since you hear pornographic sound after clicking on to this file, you will also like to make fun of your friends by sending the same message. We all love to have fun but before doing that, you should understand the consequences of it. This app is not designed to make fun of your friends but to steal your phone’s data.

Apart from the pornographic sound, you may not want your friends to get embarrassed in front of their family members. This is something which you should not do if you really care for your friends.

We would not recommend you to download × or to send this app ever. This is a big trap and hundreds of users have been trapped already.

11 thoughts on “What is Apple Pie APK? (Whatsapp Viral App) | Don’t Download🚫”

    1. many sites providing downloading link of apple pie apk, you can download from there but don’t forget to wear earphone if you are in front of your parents or family.

  1. Unfortunately I’ve installed it n now I’m suffering… Can u plz tell me how to put evrthng back to normal… Is it possible??

        1. I’ve changed my ringtone and uninstalled the app aswell as deleted te audio file in my music gallery, but it still seems to happen.

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