How to Download WhatsApp Plus and It’s Features

As we know WhatsApp Plus is one of the most popular applications for Android devices.  So, in this article, we are going to let you know many things about WhatsApp Plus APK, and also we are providing the download links of WhatsApp Plus APK.

What is WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is also a messenger just like WhatsApp with more great features and options. In other words, we can say WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of WhatsApp Messanger. At this modern time, we are getting more advanced and creative, and we love creating new things, and WhatsApp plus is one of the results of our creativeness. It’s more potent than WhatsApp. Just download it from our website and enjoy WhatsApp Messaging with more new excellent features.

WhatsApp Plus provides you with too many new excellent features, themes, and privacy options.

Here, you may be thinking about what the excellent features in WhatsApp Plus are?

So, We have to let you know all the excellent features in WhatsApp Plus APK.

Excellent Features in WhatsApp Plus

There are many-many great features are available in WhatsApp Plus that don’t exist in the official WhatsApp Application. But the remarkable feature that I like most is “Group Video Calling” Isn’t it great?

I remember, When I was a Collage student, I had to visit my friend’s house for group study or group discussions. It was taking lots of time because of traffics on the road. But now, You don’t have to waste your time going here and there for group study or discussions install WhatsApp plus and all Done.

Group Video Calling is just one feature among many available in WhatsApp Plus. Let’s talk about some more great features available in WhatsApp Plus.

  1. WhatsApp Plus provides the feature of the downloading status of any of your friends no matters it’s in video format or image format.
  2. Hiding Notifications
  3. Sending Larger video and audio files in size.
  4. Setting Password on chats and entire application, Yes, Using WhatsApp Plus APK you can set a password for chats. Isn’t It an excellent feature?
  5. Sending Ebooks Etc.,

Privacy Options in WhatsApp Plus

Privacy is one of the most crucial things for individuals, and WhatsApp Plus is helping WhatsApp users with more privacy options. It provides lots of great privacy options that don’t exist in WhatsApp official Application. I’m sure, You going to feel more powerful WhatsApp user while using WhatsApp Plus.

Hide Online Status

Is it possible? Yes, It is possible only if you are using WhatsApp Plus APK. In WhatsApp Official version there is a privacy setting to hide last seen, but you can’t hide online status when you’re online and chatting with someone.

Why do you need to hide online status?

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Different people may have various reasons. If I talk about myself, I would like to hide online status because when my friends find me online, they start messaging me, and if I’m already talking with someone else, I feel disturbed when I get new messages from others. Nowadays no one wants to wait, If you’re talking with one the another will ask you ‘Who are you talking with?’, ‘Is she more important than me?’, ‘Why are you giving more priority to him/her than me?’. You can avoid all these troubles just by installing WhatsApp Plus.

Hiding Online status can also save you from the fight. Want to know how?

I have seen guys in relationships are used to check his/her partner’s “Online Status” If He/She finds his/her Online Status at midnight for a while then they can have a fight between them at next morning. So, Hiding ‘Online Status’ is beneficial here also.

Hide Blue Ticks

Sometimes what happens is we get a message from someone and read It immediately, but due to the specific reason, we can not reply to them at that time because of this the sender feels hurt, and He or She may think that you are ignoring him/her, Right? So, In this situation, Hide Blue Tick Privacy helps you to hide the blue tick when even you have read the message already.

hide contacts

Hide Second Tick

When someone sends you a message and message gets delivered at your end then WhatsApp shows two tick symbols at senders text box. You get privacy settings to hide second tick also in WhatsApp Plus.

Benefits of hiding the second tick- It’s not as beneficial as hiding Online Status, but if you don’t want to let the people know that their message has got delivered to you then this feature is for you.

Hide Typing Status

WhatsApp Plus offers you the privacy setting to hide typing status. I don’t think It is so beneficial for users but App had an idea and they implemented it.

Hide Recording Status

Sometimes people don’t like to write long messages; they record their words and send it. Here, When you record your voice then WhatsApp show “Recording Status.” Using WhatsApp Plus APK, you will be able to hide record status if you wish to hide it.

Hide View Status

Again it’s a great feature according to me. You may ask- Why?

Some guys have an attitude problem, they want to watch the status of friends, but they don’t want them to know. For such guys, WhatsApp Plus is a great App. They can view the status of their friends, and WhatsApp Plus’s hide view status privacy feature will not let the uploader know the name of the viewer with WhatsApp Plus.

Some Excellent Features in WhatsApp Plus

As we have already told you that WhatsApp Plus has a many-many amazing feature which all can make you wonder. In this section of this article, we are going to share information about some more WhatsApp Plus APK features.

Download Status

WhatsApp Plus gives you an option to download the status of your friends. Yes, you can save videos and photos uploaded by your friends.

Share Music

You can send 100mb larger audio files to your WhatsApp Friends.

File & Documents

Using WhatsApp Plus APK you can share Documents files in many formats like PDF, Text, Docs up to 50 Megabyte large file.


If you want to send an instant picture or video to your friends, then you can open the camera directly in the chat.


You can share your real-time location with your friends using WhatsApp Plus APK.


Using WhatsApp Plus APK, you will be able to share files from your gallery up to 100 MB


You can select a contact and send it to any of your friends.

Themes in WhatsApp Plus APK

Many people love to change the look of WhatsApp chat room, for such people WhatsApp Plus offers 1000 of amazing themes. You can select the best theme of your choice from the theme store in plus-setting.

And also, In WhatsApp Plus APK, you can back up your customized theme and can share it with your friends, or you can use it to your other device.

How To Download WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version [2019]

You can download WhatsApp Plus APK from our website and install it on your device. We have given the download link below.

Click on the download button below the paragraph, and you will be redirected to download page, you will get one more download button there, TAP on that, and You’re Done!!

How to install WhatsApp Plus APK

  1. I hope you have downloaded WhatsApp Plus APK from the above link, if not, then download it now.
  2. Tap on the Installation APK.
  3. If you tap on APK the installation will get started; Now You will find the “Install” button Tap on that.
  4. After a while, you will get an open button. Now, Press on the Open button and Enjoy WhatsApp Plus.

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