How To Use Whatsapp Upi Payments Features

How To Use Whatsapp Upi Payments Features  – Currently, this WhatsApp upi based payment features only available for beta users. let’s wait for some time To Use This Whatsapp Upi payments features. Below You Can See The Images Of Whatsapp UPI Payment Features Image.

How to Add bank Accounts Details In WhatsApp

whatsapp upi features

Here’s We Are Going to tell you how you can add your bank account details to WhatsApp and get started with the Whatsapp Upi payments feature:

  1. First Of All, Go to Settings -> Payments inside WhatsApp.
  2. In the Bank Accounts Section, Select the Add New Account option.
  3. Now Tap Accept and Continue if you agree with the terms.
  4. Now you have To Verify Your Upi Number via SMS
  5. next, select the bank whose account you want to add for payments.
  6. If you have multiple accounts linked to the number that you just sent the SMS from, you will be presented with your account (or accounts) from that bank.
  7. If everything goes Good, you will see the UPI Setup Complete Popup.

How to send money via WhatsApp UPI Payments Features

Remember That Upi Based Whatsapp Features  Works Only When Your Friends Or Family Or Money Reciever Already Setup their Whatsapp Account Bank Details. So Share This Guide If Your friends Still Now Verified His Bank Account Details With Whatsapp.

How To Send Your First Upi Transaction via Whatsapp

  1. Open the chat of the Reciever Whom you want to send money.
  2. If You Are using Android, tap the Attach button. If you are an iPhone user, select the Plus button.
  3. If You Want To send money, just Simply tap on Payment, and Just enter the amount you want to send. You can also add a note to the message if you want.
  4. Once the money is sent, you get a notification.

Step By Step Guide How You Can Use Whatsapp UPI Payment Option

We will Provide It Once This features Live For Everyone.

How To Use Whatsapp Upi Payments Features
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