Why is GTA the most Successful Game ever

Why is GTA the most Successful Game ever?

It has been 20 years now, for GTA to have been running the show for all games. It is the most successful action-adventure game. It has groomed and developed the gaming industry. And even has set major expectations of how games should be in the coming centuries. And its popularity is above imagination. GTA, Grand Auto Theft is beyond pure imagination, and here’s why it is the most successful game ever.

Why is GTA the most Successful Game ever

GTA was nothing but a big bug in the beginning!

To start off with GTA, it would have been nothing but a big bug. Before Rockstar North passed away, the game studio was DMA Designs, and they were actually working on a different game called Race n Chase, which gave out bugs that became the GTA we celebrate now. It was a big glitch in the code that made the police cars chase down the criminals aggressively. They kept the feature but later removed the ability to play the police officer. This is how the game was born.

Rockstar North hired a controversial PR Expert to sell.

He hired a controversial PR expert, Max Clifford to sell the game who used to plant stories in the UK Tabloid exclaiming the game to be quite violent. This lead to politicians getting involved and the entire situation garnered a lot of popularity for the studio. This gave a boost to the sales of the game. And the trend has continued over the decades.

GTA games are always late!

Rockstar has a terrible record when it comes to launches. He never launches them on time. If you may notice, ever since GTA III, all games have been launched way past their original dates. GTA III was three days late. In fact, GTA IV was six months late.

The games are kid-free zone.

One thing that you may have realized after playing the game for so long is that there are no children in the game. There were actually present there in the beta version of GTA III. But because it was a violent game, what would have been the outcry if kids would have been killed in the game.

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Rockstar loves Easter egg jokes.

Rockstar was always cute with Easter eggs! In GTA Vice City, one of the eggs was literally a chocolate easter egg housed on the roof of a building that you cannot even climb. We are sure people had a good laugh when they saw that one.

Many voice actors are tied to the game.

It seems like GTA is really running in some people’s blood. Shawn Fonteno, the one who plays Fraklin in gta 4 apk, is the real-life cousin of Young Maylay. Maylay gave voice to the main character of GTA: San Andreas.

GTA V is the biggest chartbuster.

When GTA V was launched, it made a Guinness record! It earned record-breaking $800 million worldwide. Since then it has also made $6 billion revenue for the Rockstar Games, making it the most successful game of all times for GTA.

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  1. because it has the best graphics and many features in it that’s why most people likes this game.

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